Cam Style Seat Lock

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Part# 05-22220
MFR Model# AS-0001


A unique cam style lock that locks in place when the handle is firmly pressed down and makes contact with the seat rails. Version 2.1 is fully adjustable to accommodate between different seat rail manufacturers, specifically Cessna and McFarlane. Adjustments are also useful when slight wear is experienced on seat rails. This product has been FAA-PMA approved.


  • New Cam Adjustment System
  • Back up safety lock for your seat track.
  • Quick release for emergency.
  • No modifications needed to air-frame.
  • Easy one handed operation.
  • Can easily be transferred from aircraft to aircraft.
  • Throw one in your flight bag!


  • Machined out of 6061 T-6 aluminum.
  • FAA-PMA Approved


  • With the stationary U-shaped pin still installed in a more aft position, the Aerostop seat lock will allow you to have full range of use of the seat rail system and still have a device that will keep your seat from moving if the OEM latch system fails.
  • No more compromising the usage of the seat rail length and deciding where to place the U-shaped pin.
  • Helps relieve pressure and wear on holes in aluminum seat tracks caused by the steel pin used in the latch mechanism.
  • If used correctly, the seat locks will prolong the life of your seat rails and you!"

In The Box

  • A single seat lock purchase would include (1) seat lock, instructions for use, adjustment and continued airworthiness, as well as a allen wrench for convenient adjustments if necessary.
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I own two of these--one for each front seat in my Cessna. I like them because theyre incredibly simple and foolproof, unlike the Rube Goldberg inertia reel device. After takeoff, I slip them to the rear of the rail. If anything, they are better for emergency extraction/egress than alternatives because they will slide right off the back of the rail, allowing the seat to come off the rails (only when you need it to). Maintenance is zero, and they can be moved to other airplanes in a pinch. Four stars only because its pretty darn expensive for what they are. But the manufacturer had to run the FAA regulatory gauntlet to get them back into production (for which Im grateful), so they shouldnt be blamed for recovering the cost of bureaucracy.

Terrence C
December 7, 2021

Well made and as advertised. My concern is that this device seems to create a impediment to aircraft egress. In an emergency situation 1: pilot may fail to remember to unlock the seat rail device and therefore be unable to exit the aircraft. Even if it is remembered, the device limits the AFR movement of the seat substantially, slowing or impeding egress. Divide solves one problem, but may create others. It’s still well made!

William J
January 16, 2020


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