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There are several things that make this flight log useful to so many owners and operators. Its size is compact and can be easily stored in a glove box or side pocket. You only have to use the categories that are important to you. The owner of a Piper Cub would not use the logbook to the extent that a Piper Mirage owner/operator would, but it can easily accommodate the needs of both aircraft. Multiple pilots can use the book, so it can be used in an aircraft that is used in partnerships, fight schools, charter and many other operations where there are a number of different pilots flying the aircraft. A flight school or aircraft rental company could track how their aircraft is being utilized. Several lawyers that use the Planeview Aircraft Flight Log have said that it meets the requirements of the IRS for required information to be recorded for an aircraft being used for business. It can possibly save you money when you have to go to the maintenance shop because you already have up-to-date times and landings for the aircraft and components, reducing or eliminating the desk time that the mechanic has to put in just to get that information from your maintenance logs. A potential buyer of the aircraft could see how the aircraft has been flown and taken care of. Inside the rear cover is a FAA flight plan form. The owner could permanently fill in all the blanks of this form that do not change, such as AC identification, AC type, etc.
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Ken R Verified Purchase


May 11, 2023

Great tool to keep track of all flying if you share your plane.

Hammerhead A
May 12, 2018


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Q: What columns are in this log book? Does it track things like VOR checks?

The following columns are located in this log book:

  • Year, Airframe Hours, Aircraft Landings, Engine Hours, Prop
  • Date of Flight, Pilot Initials, Copilot / Safety Pilot, Departure From, Arrival To, Time Out, Tach / Hobbs (Off / On), Time In, Flight Time, Block Time, Landings (Day / Night), Instrument Time, Approaches (Number / Type), Fuel (Gallons / Cost), Other Expenses, Trip Purpose (Remarks)
  • Maintenance & Inspection Due @ (Hours/Date) (Oil Change, 100 hr/ Annual, AD's)
  • VOR Check (Date, FAC, FREQ, NAV1 (TO / FR), NAV2 (TO / FR), BRNG ERROR (Signature), VOR Check (Date, FAC, FREQ, NAV1 (TO / FR), NAV2 (TO / FR), BRNG ERROR (Signature).

Q: Whats the physical size of this logbook when closed? (Length and width).

6-1/2" W X 5-5/8" H X 1/8" T

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