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Part# 13-07650
MFR Model# RT-A400


Model RT A400 - Halon 1211-1301 Blend
Typical use: Cockpit/Cabin.

The gaugeless RT A400 is the smallest Halon fire extinguisher available anywhere. It's a great flight bag accessory.

These extinguishers contain a unique blend of liquefied gas 1211/1301, two highly effective fire fighting agents. These units are self expelling which means that the pressure remains constant even when the extinguishers are almost empty.


  • 12 year shelf life.
  • Agent weight 0.9 lb. / 0.400 kg
  • Gross weight 1.2 lb. / 0.530 kg
  • Discharge range 4-6 ft. / 1.2-1.8 m
  • Discharge time 10-12 sec.
  • Height 8.5 in. / 21.6 cm
  • Width 3.0 in. / 7.7 cm
  • Cylinder diameter 2.0 in. / 5.1 cm
  • UL rating 2B:C
  • Bracket Single Strap (Standard)
  • Extinguishing Agent: 1211 / 1301
  • Charge-Kgs (Lbs): 0.40 (0.88)
  • Gross wt - Kgs (lbs): 0.53(1.17)
  • Pressure psig: 100
  • Shell Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Plastic


Shipped promptly and received in excellent condition. I fit-checked the unit to my airplane and its just as expected. Will install soon. I also read the instructions and will weigh the core unit annually to make sure its fully charged. Very good product for small airplanes from the limited experience I have with it. Lets hope I never have to use it.

Charles F
May 29, 2020

Nice a little pricey but its perfect size for the plane

Craig M
March 3, 2020

My RT A400 is holding up as advertised...I bought it in 2012 and after 7 years, it still weighs the same original 1.2 lbs. and no signs of leaks.

Brian W
October 23, 2019

Saved my plane from burning to the ground when battery wires contacted each other and caught fire. Well worth the money!

Darryl Z
September 20, 2018

I had this model for some time mounted in between the seats of my RV6. Well, I finally really needed it! I was burning in new brake linings when a fire broke out in my right main gear. The little RT-400 did a great job putting out the fire.

Marc B
July 14, 2014

Small and compact. Last on average for 8 years before it falls below the recommended weight of 500 grams. Never had one just discharge on its own.

Kim D
February 5, 2018

Will not last as advertised! Agent seeps out beyond serviceable limits around the bottle and discharge head after a few years.

Matt F
August 3, 2019

My RT A400 completely leaked out inside of three years after purchase. I was provided a new one at no charge, but it also leaked out within 3 years. There is a service bulletin issued against these. Recommend buying an all metal extinguisher with a gauge.

February 16, 2019

At 3 yrs, 9mos, we discovered it was totally empty. Never used. Seems to drain on its own over time. It was OK during our annual 9 months ago.

Bruce B
November 17, 2018

Both of the ones I have are empty and did not make it close to the advertised 20 year shelf life . No gauge, non-refillable. I will not buy again.

John P
October 16, 2018


Q: We have aircrafts equipped with fire extinguisher RT A400. We checked the weight of A400. The weight was less than the standard weight. Can we recharge the agent? Otherwise should we replace the extinguisher?

The A400 is a sealed unit and cannot be re-charged.

Q: Does it matter what position the fire extinguisher is mounted in? Can i lay on side as well as vertically, without leaking?

YES! It can lay on its side. However, it must be positioned upright when in use, and not in a horizontal position.

Q: What is the warranty on this RT A400 unit?

Per the manufacturer: The standard Warranty for all our RT-A extinguishers is two years from receipt date for workmanship & quality.

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