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Use our simple two step dropdown to get the correct adapter for your needs. First select what plug you currently have, then select what you need to convert to and youre done! We have done our homework to assure these are the correct adapters.

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Q: I want to use a high impedance U174/U plug helmet in a Nato/UK low impedance helicopter. Could you tell me if this configuration can be matched with your Pilot USA Adapter Wizard?

Part number 11-06526 is a US Nato (U174/U) plug to a UK Nato helicopter plug.

Q: I have the Clarity Aloft headset. I need to convert to a 6 pin Lemo plug. Which adapter should I order?

The Clarity Aloft comes standard with Dual GA Plugs. You would need part # 11-06533 to convert from dual GA to 6 pin Lemo.

Q: I need to convert Bose A20 Headset with Bluetooth to Military Low Impedance. What adapter should I use?

You can use either a High To Low Impedance Adapter or a dedicated Bose A20 Military cable assembly.

Q: I need to convert Bose A20 Headset with Bluetooth U-174 to Dual Plugs. Which part number should I use?

For this conversion, use part number 11-10650.

Q: I would like to use my aviation headset with my computer. Is there any configuration that would convert a U-174/U plug to a dual 3.5mm configuration for use of both microphone and audio?

This would be Part Number 11-03575 (Pilot PC to GA Twin Adapter).

Q: I want to plug my GA dual plug headset into an airbus outlet. What adapter should I use?

For this adapter, please order part # 11-06535.

Q: I have a Bose X headset military with U174 plug. I would like to convert to GA plugs for use with a stereo intercom. Which part number should I order?

Part # 11-10645 (PILOT USA PA 88 MILITARY TO DUAL GA IMPEDANCE ADAPTER) is the correct adapter for your request.

Q: I would like to have an adapter, general aviation dual male plugs on the one side going into an 3.5 mm plug. Is this adapter available?

Yes. See part number 11-00694.

Q: I have a Lightspeed PFX with a Lemo Plug (6pin) and I need to convert to Airbus Plug (5pin). Will the ANR work with this adapter?

The ANR would need to be run off the batteries in the battery pack of the PFX if you use this adapter. It will not run off the aircraft power. So, yes, you can still use ANR, but it will be on AA batteries.

Q: I am looking for an adapter to go from a set of David Clark H10-30 GA dual plug to a single 3.5mm plug. Do you have one available?

The Dual GA to 3.5mm adapter is our part # 11-00694.

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