Slick Harness M4001R Red

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Part# 08-05287
MFR Model# M4001R


FAA-PMA approved Slick Harnesses by Champion are built to handle the maximum spark energy produced, while delivering more energy than is required by the spark plugs - even during emergency full-power engine operation. Using anything less could result in more than a 50% reduction of radio sensitivity in commonly used communication frequencies, as tested by Champion. Features such as a heavy-gauge contact spring provide more contact area and force inside the spark plug, while the flexibility of the coiled center conductor reduces fatigue and breakage resulting from repeated temperature cycling and vibration.

Click link below and find correct harness number for your application.

Champion Slick Harness with 5/8 Plugs Application Guide (PDF)
Champion Slick Harness with 3/4 Plugs Application Guide (PDF)
Full Slick By Champion Application Guide (PDF)


The product looks good only it was gray instead of red like I ordered

Ronald O Verified Purchase


November 27, 2021

Replaced my aging and deteriorating harness on my O-320. Replacement was simple. My engine seemingly has more power and runs considerably smoother. Great investment.

Jonathan H
May 18, 2017


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Q: Does the SLICK HARNESS M4001R RED include shielded wiring? Or do I need to buy the shielding with the harness?

Yes, these harnesses include the shielded wiring as they already have it attached to the slick harness.

Q: Are the wires labeled by cylinder number on the Slick Harness M4001R?

Yes, B1, T2... is stamped on the nuts.

Q: Does this part number include both sides harnesses, left and right?

Yes, this includes both left and right.

Q: Is red the only color? What about the choice of Blue, Gray, or None?

Slick is now only making new harnesses in red.

Q: Does this Slick Harness M4001R Red cover both mags?

Yes, this is sold in a pair.