Tight Fit Drill Kit

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Part# 12-01334
MFR Model# 00105


Space, every inch of it, is at a premium in aircraft design as shape and weight is critical to function. Also, airplanes are riveted together which requires thousands of holes to be drilled in difficult locations without scratching or marring the work surface. So, engineers needed to design a versatile "chuck-less" drill attachment that could reach into very confined areas.

The answer was found in putting threads on the shanks of drill bits. The benefits are significant. Threaded drill bits eliminate the need for a chucking mechanism. Freed of this restriction, it is possible to do a wide variety of jobs in places with extreme space limitations (less than 1" x 2"). Chuck slippage is all but eliminated while the precision mating angle between threaded drill and drive spindle insures concentricity. Drill bit change times are reduced, an exact working drill bit length is insured and the chance of marring or scratching the work surface is greatly reduced.

The Model 00105 Kit includes: a versatile close-quarter Right Angle Drill Attachment capable of drilling up to 1/4" diameter holes and compatible with all standard power drills, a 6" Threaded Extension for those deep hard-to-reach spots, a Chucking Spud which allows direct use of threaded TightFit® drill bits and extensions with your standard drill motor, five aircraft quality threaded TightFit® drill bits (Short Drill Bit Set, 00133), a Tight Fit® 3-Way Wrench, and is packaged in a red, heavy-duty, blow-molded storage case.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Attaches to any power drill; Recommended operating speed not to exceed 2500 rpm.
  • Light weight; Right angle drill weighs 1/3 of a pound and rotates 360 degrees for tight-spot access.
  • Threaded components allow for fast, easy tool changes; Drill over, under or around obstructions.
  • Design allows "deep reach" in confined areas; Provides utility of extension drill bit set.


Have not used it yet, but order fulfillment was superb as it always is for Aircraft Spruce. Quick and accurate.

John Verified Purchase


November 11, 2022

Works very well to get into those tight spaces when drilling out a river!

Scott E Verified Purchase


January 26, 2022

drill is very well made and exactly what I needed to get into tight spots

July 3, 2018

Well, I almost got the airplane finished before the gears stripped out in the head. I did not use it often, and made sure the gears had grease, and When you need it you really need it, but it’s not robust. I won’t give it a lower rating though as for fifty bucks, it’s almost disposable.

James I
February 8, 2019

The tool its self is as it is described. It is not as easy to use since it is small and hard to hold in a tight fitting place. Holding a separate drill motor and supporting the tight fitting drill to hold it in alignment is an acrobatic nightmare. Might be much easier to use if the drill motor and this unit were one so that the alignment can be better controlled. This is a step up to a more expensive unit but may be money well spent.

June 12, 2017

Handy for getting into small places, but a small body, right angle drill would be a much better purchase. Difficult to manipulate the handheld drill, the tight fit drill, and the work piece with only two hands and the entire unit is long and awkward with the handheld drill attached. The gears in my unit stripped, making it unusable. New gears are available from the manufacturer, but are almost as costly as a new drill unit. I only used the tight fit for casual use in my hobby shop when my regular body right angle drill wouldnt fit.

Daniel L
November 13, 2017

Scott F Verified Purchase


January 19, 2023

Made from plastic. The drill collet threads did not all thread into the head easily. Concerned about durability and warranty claim. Probably should have spent the extra money on an actual angle drill motor.

April 14, 2021

Does what it says it will and it fits in some very tight spots. Dont think i drilled more than 20 #30 or #40 holes before the gear train stripped out to the point where it was no longer useable. Guess at $50 its to be considered a disposable item just like the drill bits it drives.

Jim M
August 29, 2019

At first it was working great but just after drilling about 4 holes it began to get loose and start to slip. Anyways didnt even make it half a day of drilling and stripped all the way out.

October 4, 2018


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Q: Does this angle drill use standard 1/4-28 drill bits?

Per the supplier: Yes, it does.

Q: What size bits come with this tight fit drill kit?

Total of 6 drill bits. Drill sizes in this kit are:

  • 3/32 long
  • 5/32 short
  • 3/16 short
  • 1/8 (1 long , 1 short & 1 stub)

Q: Can you use drivers with the kit?

The right angle tool has to be attached to a drill of some sort with a chuck to secure it.

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