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Joggle-360 Fabrication Tool

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Part# 12-02252


Noah Industries has introduced the Joggle-360 into its lineup of innovative metal aircraft fabrication tools. The Joggle-360 will joggle round openings for inspection plates with joggle widths up to 0.562 inch and straight joggle offsets up to 0.625 inch. The tool features hardened steel rollers that form the joggle while gliding around the opening or along the edge by ball bearings that eccentrically adjust for joggle width.


1. Adjust the guide rollers to the desired set back or width of joggle by rotating the Eccentric Guide Roller Adjustment Screws with an Allen wrench.

2. Place the Joggle-360 onto the work that you are going to joggle and tighten the Tension Knob.

3. For straight joggles, run the Joggle-360 back and forth along the work tightening the Tension Knob as required until you achieve the desired joggle depth. Joggling a hole is the same process. Be sure to keep the Guide Rollers in contact with the edge of your work.

4. When the joggle is finished, loosen the Tension Knob and remove the tool from from your work.

Note: You may need to tighten the Eccentric Lock Screws from time to time in order to keep the Eccentric Guide Rollers from rotating during use.


High quality tool, but a little expensive!

David G Verified Purchase


May 23, 2021


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