Arc360 Hole Cutter

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Part# 12-01977
MFR Model# ARC-360


Panel knock put punches and hole saws work well for holes that are arenít too big but it gets harder and more expensive as the size of the hole increases.

You can cut holes with a router but cutting holes with a router is a cumbersome ordeal. The router is really just too big a tool to be swinging 360 degrees easily. You can set it to cut holes down to around 1.5 inches and up to around 10 inches. The toolís small size allows you to easily see your work as you are cutting. If you want an arc you can start and stop anywhere you want. It will cut any thickness of sheet aluminum.

The cutting speed in 032 thick 2024-T3 aluminum is around 40 inches per minute so you can cut a 4-inch diameter hole in less than 20 seconds.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Fine tool for my projects... BUT,.. replacement bits ( not 1/4 shank ) are expensive so if you change out the Angle Drill at Harbor Freight for one that uses 1/4 bits @ $11.00ea on EBAY it seems to work much, much better and I buy the Carbide bits...they cut like butter.....Ive done a dozen holes so far and so far so good. Just an FYI.

Robert L
August 27, 2022


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Q: Will this cut a hole in thin stainless steel?

Per the vendor it could but it was not designed for stainless and it is not recommended.

Q: Does this tool come with the angle drill and router bit?

Yes. It comes ready to use out of the box - the router bit is double-ended.

Q: Where do I get a replacement bit?

We can special order them from the manufacturer. Please contact our sales department for pricing and lead time.

Q: What is the recommended operating PSI for this tool, min. and max?

Typically, people use the this at about 90 PSI which gives 3 CFM of air consumption.

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