Red Box 777 Rivet Gun Kit With Bucking Bars

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2X Rivet Gun Kit3X Rivet Gun Kit4X Rivet Gun Kit
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This popular rivet gun set is used in aircraft manufacturing plants worldwide. The "X" series rivet gun has an incomparable teasing triggers, allowing you to slowly begin riveting without damaging the skin. It has a lightweight aluminum handle with powder coat finish for comfort. Also features a hardened and precision ground steel piston, cylinder and spool valve for long life. The brass regulator and air tool fitting are directly assembled to the rivet gun for your convenience.

  • 1pc Rivet Gun (Choose Size 2X, 3X or 4X)
  • 1pc Type A -Bucking Bar
  • 1pc Type B -Bucking Bar
  • 1pc Type C -Bucking Bar
  • 1pc Type D -Bucking Bar
  • 1pc Brass Regulator
  • 1pc Air Tool Fitting
  • 4pcs 3.5" Straight Rivet Set(3/32",1/8",5/32",3/16")
  • 4pcs 3.5" Offset Rivet Set(3/32",1/8",5/32",3/16")
  • 1pc Standard Flush Set (Surface: 1", Length: 2 1/2")
  • 1pc Flush Set w/ Rubber (Surface:1 1/4",Length:2 3/8")
  • 1pc Beehive Spring
  • 1pc Retainer Spring
  • 1pc Marvel Air Tool Oil (Made in USA)
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David B Verified Purchase


July 7, 2023

There’s a lot of plastic on the gun. We will see how it holds up.

June 22, 2022


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Q: What is the difference between the models? 2X,3X and 4X? Size? Size of what? rivet? Gun?

A 2X gun can buck an 1/8" diameter rivet, 3X a 3/16" rivet, and 4X up to a 1/4" diameter rivet. Each kit has an air regulator. It is common to get a rivet gun one size larger than you will need and regulate the air to buck smaller rivets.

Q: Is there a warranty that comes with the Red Box 777 rivet gun kit?

The warranty is one year under normal use.

Q: Will all the retainer springs fit the red box 777 rivet gun?

The quick change that comes with the 777 rivet gun does not work with itself. You will need to purchase P/N# 12-01079 for the correct quick change. The beehive spring that it comes with it will work.

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