Bogert Aviation Portable Hx Strut Pump

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Portable HX Strut PumpGooseneck fitting 15X & HX
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Check ValveReplacement check valve for 15X pump
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7 ft hose includes Gooseneck FittingReplacement hose for HX or 15X strut pumps. With Gooseneck fitting
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Boost Air to 1000PSI without an air compressor. Similar in size and weight to a standard bicycle pump, Bogertís Aviationís HX Strut Pump is designed for high pressure output. It is a portable hand pump that pressurizes landing gear struts. The HX strut pump boost air or nitrogen to 1000psi. Simply hook up the output hose to the strut and the inlet hose to an air compressor, spare tire, portable air tank or 12 volt tire inflator. For real back country use it even works with a bicycle tire pump.

Very portable. No air compressor needed!
Use air bottle, spare tire, tire pump for air source
Can also use with air compressor for air source
Detailed instructions
Equipped with 6 foot hose
Made in the USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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It works !

Don H Verified Purchase


November 23, 2021

It does what it says it does. A few things to remember: 1) Remember that air is different than nitrogen so you have to confirm you should put it in your struts 2)Air straight from a compressor or unfiltered source contains contaminants, so make sure you have a good oil/water filter!! 3)If you are in the back country and your strut goes flat, this could save your bacon! 4)You can use any air source which is awesome - just head the first two bullets 5)It takes a minute to build up the pressure in the strut. Take your time, it will work. I felt like the air wasnt flowing correctly at first, but eventually it popped up and I could feel the pressure difference Good luck, stay thrifty and safe!

The T
December 22, 2020

Follow-up to previous review: After tightening the hoses the air leaks improved. Also, the previous attempt was made with the wing tanks full of fuel and heavy. In a second try with minimal fuel in the wings and no air leak I was able to pump up the strut with about 25-30 pumps on the plunger.

Dan M
January 17, 2021

Just tried my new strut pump today. One problem for me, probably not for most pilots you need to be heavy enough to depress the plunger. At 140 pounds it took all my weight with my feet off the ground to get the plunger to depress all the way. After 50-70 pumps the strut hadnt gone up a bit. I was exhausted and gave up. There were also air leaks from the factory installed fittings at the base of the unit making it less effective. The aircraft was a twin so heavier than a single. That may have made it harder. I would return it but it got scratched up some trying to make it work. Should have got the 15:1 strut pump.

Dan M
January 7, 2021


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Q: Does this HX strut pump have a pressure gauge?

No, it does not have a pressure gauge.

Q: If I buy part number 12-16710,does it come with everything I need? or do I have to buy anything else?

It has everything except a source of air. You would need a compressor, air bottle, tire pump, or a spare tire to use as an air source.

Q: What is the max inlet pressure? As in: an air compressor with 150 psi or a nitrogen cylinder thats getting low with 500 psi remaining.

150 psi max inlet pressure, 1000 psi max outlet pressure

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