Bogert Aviation Tribal Jack

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Part# 12-00838
MFR Model# 30M-TJ


Requests from customers for a jack that could lift from as low as 2 inches launched a redesign to Bogert Aviation's old faithful Tribal Jack. Originally manufactured for the Piper Tribe of aircraft, Bogert Aviation's Tribal Jack has proven itself to be a great multipurpose shop tool for many aircraft models having oleo strut landing gear. The Tribal Jack is very useful for annual inspections as well as changing a tire or packing wheel bearings. Fixing a flat is easy with this lower clearance lifting pad. It can be used on main gear, nose gear and the tail wheel.

The pad 12-03536 can be mounted either right side up or flip the pad to add 2 inches of clearance. The pad can be mounted on all earlier model Tribal Jacks. Simply unbolt the old, bolt on the new. The pad makes fixing a flat much easier.

Use the Tribal Jack with Landing Gear Support Stand PN 12-02015 for added safety.

Note: All 30M-TJ Jacks will be shipped with the pad effective by April 1, 2012.
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  • 2500 lb. rating Its suitable for most singles and light twins.
  • Multipurpose - Can be used on numerous models of aircraft with oleo struts or lift tail wheels for service.
  • Quick - Changing or servicing many nose wheel struts or tires is a snap.
  • Wide Range of Motion The lift range is from 2 inches to 12 inches.


  • Pad only requires 2 inches of clearance to be effective.
  • Pad design increases range by 33%
  • Jack up in low clearance situations once and perform maintenance. No need to block and re-jack a second time in most cases.
  • Lift the wheel in under a minute for servicing brakes, bearings and tires changes.
  • Preform some services and maintenance on the ramp instead of using time to pull the aircraft to the hanger for maintenance.
  • Lower risk by raising only one wheel a few inches off the ground, rather than the whole aircraft.
  • For peace of mind, carry in the aircraft for cross country & back country operations.
  • Stable on the ramp and unimproved surfaces.
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This fits perfectly for my Cherokee 6.

James D Verified Purchase


March 1, 2024

Purchased for use on PA28-140. Works as advertised. Works on most Pipers with strut gear.

Champlain F Verified Purchase


November 16, 2023

Works great wish I would have bought it years ago.

Brian B Verified Purchase


May 27, 2023

Looks like a great jack, however doesn’t provide enough clearance (without modifications) to jack Husky gear especially on skis.

Jared M Verified Purchase


April 18, 2022

Well built, but the bottle jack is consistent with quality found at Harbor Freight.

David A Verified Purchase


February 1, 2022

I am using it to Jack up a Husky A-1C with 26” tires. In order to avoid have the top lifting on the Husky cross brace, I had to drill two more holes to move the lifting holder higher by about an inch to provide enough clearance from the cross brace. With that modification the Jack works great

Jim J
October 29, 2020

The Tribal Jack actually works, and it seems to be very stable.

Roger F
June 29, 2020

The Bogert Tribal Jack was the perfect solution for a quick, safe, and easy tube change on my Piper Turbo Arrow. My mechanic that helped with my tire change already wants to borrow the Jack for the annual on his plane. Awesome product!

Joe E
March 16, 2020

Other than the high cost - the jack works great! Very nice solution. Mechanics that saw it in my hangar as we did some tire work on my plane were also big fans and wanted to know how to acquire one.

Adam C
January 5, 2018

great tool. easy to set up and get a main off the ground. they have changed the support by removing the rubber pad. it works fine without it. pricey but definitely a quality piece.

David B
May 21, 2016


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Q: How much does the Bogert tribal jack weigh?

Per the manufacturer: The tribal jack weighs just under 18 lbs making it a very lightweight jack.

Q: Does the pad come with the jack or do I need to order it separately?

The jack comes with the pad.

Q: Will this Bogert Aviation Tribal jack work with wheel pants? 1965 Piper PA28-235

Yes the 12-00838 will work on 235 with wheel pants.

Q: Will the Bogert Aviation Tribal jack work on the mains of a 1946 Taylorcraft BC-12-D?

This unit does not have a specific aircraft application chart, but does state it can be used on numerous models of aircraft with oleo struts.

Q: How does the jack retain the landing gear, is there a cup on the yellow fitting?

Correct the yellow lift point has a slight v shape to keep the landing gear on the pad.

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