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Part# 13-18510
MFR Model#


Saf-T-Stop is an auxiliary seat stop mechanism approved by the FAA for use with Cessna seat track A. D. #87-20-03. Installs easily, sliding over seat track. Approved for: Cessna 150, 152, 170, 170B, 172, R172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 190, 205, 206, 207, 210, 303, 337. Not a seat lock, Saf-T-Stop is designed to restrict rearward motion if the seat lock fails.


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Works great in our 206. Highly recommended.

August 22, 2019

Works great on my Cessna T303.

Bob T
August 9, 2019

These are solid built and easy to install.

James T
March 14, 2019

Just exactly as described. Much easier to access than I thought they would be. Its easy to reach them to move to get in and out when you put them as instructed, on the inside rail. Essentially NO installation time on my 182D. Its a bit of a shock the first few times when you try to get out and forget them, but they seem to work great. I hope to never find out if they save my butt, but it sure looks like they would.

William A
February 7, 2019

A high quality product at a fair price - Does exactly what it is designed to do in my C172K. Note - Depending on where the holes are in your seat rails it can make climbing in and out a whole lot easier.

Chris P
September 11, 2017

The installation in a C172G was quick and painless. Best part is these stops are very easy to adjust and a gained a few inches of push-back of the seat after removing the little tab & screw from the seat track which makes it easier to get out now.

June 9, 2017

If you missed getting free inertial seat stops from Cessna dont worry about it. Do yourself a favor and save $1500 each side by buying these. not only will you have saved a lot of money but you will have added a lot of safety to your flight. They install in just a couple minutes.

May 3, 2017

Having flown 172s years ago I was very disappointed with the stops installed on a recently purchased aircraft. The stops made it nearly impossible to get in and out of the front seats. Installed the new stops and now can move the seat back to the normal position to board the aircraft. These stops are easy to install/use and are well worth the money.

March 26, 2017

I have these on my other plane and they work well. The new eye bolts on these are an added improvement.

February 19, 2017


Q: Is this price of the Saf-T-Steo each or for a pair?

The Saf-T-Stop's are priced and sold as a pair.

Q: Will the SAF-T-STOP work for a Cessna 170?

No, at this time it is not approved for use on a 170.

Q: Are the installation instructions included with the Saf-T-Stop?

Yes, the instructions are included in the box.

Q: How does the Saf-T-Stop anchor to the seat rail? Does it require the use of one of the holes in the rail surface?

Please refer to the 'Documents' tab. There is a PDF available with the installation instructions that will illustrate how the Saf-T-Stop's are installed.

Q: Does the placard pn:8601 come with this pair of SAF-T-STOPS?

Yes, each order of our part # 13-18510 comes with two placards, mfg # 8601.

Q: Seat tracks P/N MC 0511000-14 and MC 0511000-15 are installed in my 170B. Are these safety stops compatible with these seat rails?

Yes. They will work with those seat tracks.

Q: The way the instructions read, you have to loosen and tighten these on each boarding. Is that right? Can these be used as permanent secondary stops that seem better than the small tab bars that are attached by screws? Thanks

That is correct. Once you move your seat to the desired seating position you reach back and butt the seat stops to the back of seat and tighten them down. When you are ready to exit the plane you loosen the screw and you are then able to move the seat back. They cannot be used to replace the secondary stops legally.

Q: Is it possible to purchase and replace just the eye bolt on the SAF-T-STOP?

Per the manufacturer: The new eyebolt cannot be legally inserted into an old seat stop without the placard on the seat stop reading no tie down. So if you retro fit an old stop with a new eyebolt, the aircraft loses it air worthiness according to the FAA and the Insurance company, if there is any type of incident. We highly discourage this planned course of action. You should replace the entire Saf-T-Stop. That would keep you on the good side of the FAA and insurance company.

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