Black Silicone Fire Sleeve

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This black silicone fire sleeve has a temperature range of -65F to +2000F. The 5/8" I.D. Fits all E185, E225 & 0-300 engine breather tubes. The 3/4" I.D. fits O-470 I IO470 breather tubes. Sold by the foot.
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I ordered the correct size the first time and it worked great!

Michael A
July 4, 2019


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Q: Does this black silicone fire sleeve need the same clamps and clamp tool as the orange fire sleeve?

Yes, you would use the same clamp and tools as you would with other color pull over firesleeve.

Q: Will the 1/4" size fit over the end of your A800 control cable?

It will fit over the end but stops at the flex grommet approx 6" from the tip. Something like part number 05-01842 or 05-04712 has a 1/2" ID and will fit over the grommet.

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