Fuel Cap Only - Unvented

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Part# 05-01057
MFR Model# 2646


A variety of cap neck styles and materials accommodate oil, fuel, hydraulic or water applications. Accessory options let you build the filler assembly you need. Three different strainers (see Similar Items) provide varying degrees of filtration for 300 Series caps and necks to help you maintain clean fluids within your engine system. Special mountings match the type of connections you require.


Fits C-145 perfect

Acme A Verified Purchase


October 13, 2021

I used it on a 5 gallon champ wing tank. fit good . Gasket did not like mogas like the description says so order the correct gasket at the same time if this applies. I needed vent so simple hole drilled did the trick until I can add the tube.

Chesterman F
July 13, 2020

fits perfectly on the old school gas cap for 1946 Taylorcraft. great rubber gasket so it seals tight. The existing cap has vents and lots a gas evaporates in the heat. Nice solution

Doug W
June 12, 2020

Fits great, very good quality

Dave C
December 19, 2019

Fit a Super Decathlon 8KCAB. Good replacement cap at a good price.

Bill A
July 6, 2019

The cap fits like OEM. It comes with one rubber gasket. The OEM had two gaskets so I had to buy a second gasket to double on the new cap. There is a clip on the inside to secure a safety chain. My old cap had an external hole for the safety chain, so I drilled a new hole and painted.

July 10, 2017


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Q: What size cap is this? My gasket is 2.25 outside, 1.350 inside Will this cap fit?

The gasket that comes with this cap is measured to 2.25" OD and 1.5" ID. We cannot say for sure if it will work for you. It will be up to you to determine if this will work for your application.

Q: Is the gasket provided with this cap? Is it compatible with auto gas?

Yes, the gasket will come with the cap. No, it is not compatible with auto gas.

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