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T-Handle dash control manufactured of duralumin and brass. Locks positively, will not vibrate loose. One-fourth turn locks it in any position and will hold up to 100 lbs. Standard travel 2-1/2". T-handle is 1-3/4" wide. Can be mounted from front or rear of instrument panel. Complete with wire and casing which may be shortened.

05-15000 5 CABLE
Mounting Thread: 7/16-20
Wire/Cable Diameter: .054
Cable Housing Diameter: .190

05-15100 8 CABLE
Mounting Thread: 7/16-20
Wire/Cable Diameter: .072
Cable Housing Diameter: .215

05-15200 12 CABLE
Mounting Thread: 7/16-20
Wire/Cable Diameter: .072
Cable Housing Diameter: .215
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Nice construction and excellent finish. Has added feature of locking T-Handle.

Herschel C
May 7, 2020

Rick L
June 9, 2017

They donât show it in the photo, but the T handle has â(LOCK)â with arrows instead of parentheses, cast into the face. Also, if the cable needs to be routed with some bends in it, the push-pull action can get pretty stiff, so you wouldnât want to use it for something requiring fine adjustment, like a mixture control. For open-close and on-off, these work very well, for they are ruggedly built. If you need to cut the Bowden cable housing, remove the inner cable BEFORE you do! A wee cut-off wheel in a Dremel works really well for this.

Gelston A
August 27, 2019


Q: What is the diameter of the actual control wire (the wire that comes out of the conduit / sleeve)?

The wire / cable diameter is .054 and the cable housing is .190.

Q: What color is the handle on these T-Handle controls?

The handles on the controls are silver.

Q: Hi, Could you let me know what is the weight of the T-handle 05-15000? Thank you. Yin

This t-dash handle control weighs approximately 0.57 lbs.

Q: The wire cable come out of conduit is wire rope (e.g 7x7, 7x19) or solid wire cable?

That has a solid wire end.

Q: Is the T handle threaded and can it be removed?

It is not threaded. It is installed with a roll pin and cannot be removed easily.

Q: What s the width of the T? Will a clearance hole for 7/16 be enough for panel mounting? Are there any anti-rotation measures such as a keyway?

The T is 1-3/4" wide. You would need a hole slightly bigger than 7/16 and there is no keyway.

Q: Can you pull the cable out of the sheath and use the cable and T to replace a broken one without replacing and rerouting the whole assembly?

Yes, the inner cable and handle can be pulled out of the housing.

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