Compact Throttle Lever

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Part# 15-08194
MFR Model# 478-12095


This compact aluminum control allows easy access for standard casing and 1/16 control wire. Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky quadrants that require special mounting and end fittings. Block is countersunk to accept throttle casing as shown. Inner wire wraps smoothly around wheel providing a full 2 travel (Bing Carbs need 1 1/2 travel) in less than 1/2 revolution of the handle. Set screw shown firmly anchors wire. Back up swage makes for a fail-safe and completely variable length and design. Short handle controls precision tension adjuster that makes for a throttle that positively stays where you set it.

Mounts to any 3/16 or 6mm fasteners.
Bolt centers are 1 7/8 Handle measures 2 long.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


The spring washer included with this is far to strong. It was nearly impossible to rotate the handle out of the box. I replace the spring washer with an O-ring [ use ACS Part# AN6227B-13] and got the same positive results that others described. I believe I can make this work. Now I dont have to design a usable throttle.

Vincent C
October 14, 2023

Parfait,correspond au attentes livré rapidemet

Saiz J Verified Purchase


February 19, 2023

I purchased this for throttle control on a mini skid steer. I read other reviews where they stated the spring had too much tension, and I concur. First thing I did out of the box was disassemble, remove wave washer and replaced with a o-ring. Reassembled with Loctite and adjusted until I was happy with the force required to adjust the lever. Works great and very well made.

Paul D Verified Purchase


August 26, 2022

Nice functional part. I replaced the spring washer with a large o-ring to soften the action - but that was just my preference. Great service from AircraftSpruce

Daniel V
April 20, 2020

This is perfect for what i needed

Eddison D
March 11, 2019

Nice, got rid of the issue with having to adjust the tension several times a flight. Bad was no support from AS on getting a cable stop to fit this device.

Kevin A
January 27, 2015

Just got it and it seems to be made well. Due to poor picture on website and only one angle shown I was unable to see that it can only mount on right hand side ie: you cant screw it onto the left hand side of cockpit because cable inlet only points one way. They should make a left and right hand side version and save us a lot of fabricating.

Gerald W
January 18, 2018

Required rebuild out of the box to make it work. Built like a tank so it might not be optimal for your Part 103 Air Vehicle. It weighs a bit over 1/4 pound (115 Grams). Dimensions as pictured are 3.2 inches by 2.5 inches. 0.7 inch thick. It has meshing radial serrations that click into place. It has a very strong wavy washer which requires 15 pounds force to ratchet over the radial serrations. Because of the large force required to move the lever, it requires a substantial mounting. You can loosen the screw to where things are loose and still requires 5 pounds and you would need to add a lock nut to the back so it does not fall apart. I do no know what kind of carburetor pulls back with 15 pounds of force. Update. I just replaced the wavy spring washer with a 12.6mm o-ring with a section diameter of 1.9mm. The 1.9mm section diameter is important. It was the largest O.D. in my o-ring kit and I had to stretch it into place. Now it has a sweet 5 star movement that I can move with my pinky and not vibrate out of position. The wavy spring washer is 0.8mm thick with a spring height of 3.4mm. That is just wrong.

John H
March 18, 2019


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Q: How much does this compact throttle lever weigh?

This weighs approximately 0.25 lbs.

Q: What is the difference between CPS lever throttle and compact lever throttle?

The parts are the same, the cps throttle is a kit. The kit comes with the throttle and a 1/16 copper stop sleeve.