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ACF-50 Hand Held Spray System 50000 With Wands

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Part# 09-04053
MFR Model# 50000


The HAND HELD SPRAY SYSTEM is designed to turn ACF-50 into a dense fog. The equipment has been preset and factory tested to achieve this goal. The equipment is rugged and will provide years of service, with virtually no maintenance, provided reasonable care is taken with its use.

Start Up:
  • 1. Pour ACF-50 into pressure pot filling to within approximately two (2) inches of the top.
  • 2. Attach pressure pot tightly to body of the gun
  • 3. Before attaching air hose to gun, first adjust air pressure between 50 and 60 psi, then connect air hose.
  • 4. Once you have attached the required application wand you are now ready to treat aircraft.

Clean Up:
  • When treatment process is complete disconnect the application wand. Remove air hose. Unscrew pressure pot just enough to release pressure, then slightly tighten. Remove application wands and return to storage tube.

    System is equipped with 6 wands.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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!!!!! EXCELLENT !!!

Heli-x I
June 12, 2020

Excellent workmanship, wands seem to provide ways to get ACF-50 in all the crooks & crannies. Not used yet.

Paul T
October 5, 2019

This is a 5-star product with a 3-star price. I understand the mfg needs to recoup their cost on something they may only ever sell a few hundred units of, but cmon. $754 + $90 oversized shipping??? For a paint gun and some 3/16 tube? Now that I have that out of the way, let me state that the gun itself is a very high quality unit. I tried making my own fogging system out of a $27 Amazon undercoating gun. It literally fell apart within 10 minutes. I made my own wand with some PVC and tiny holes drilled in it. Looked like it was going to work, but the gun died. This gun is a name brand made in Germany. Its heavy, solid and robust. I think I found it sold by itself at the mfg (not Lear Chemical, but the guns mfg) site and the gun alone is more than $200. The wands are nothing special. Most of them are simply 1/4 or 3/16 aluminum tube with small slits cut into them. And the ends are welded closed (and not even cleaned up that well afterwards). Even the welds on the little indicator tab (that tells you direction of spray when you cant see it) arent cleaned up. Amateur welds at best. Anyone with the proper tools and time to kill at a big box store can make the wands. And with THAT out of the way, the entire kit does indeed work great. It fogs almost perfectly and, utilizing the correct wand for the job, can reach any part of the plane. I tried my hand at doing it the cheap way and promptly failed. The way I see it, I can rent the kit out to fellow pilots and recoup the cost of the gun in just a few applications. On top of that, Ill have a plane of some sort the rest of my life. Ill use the kit multiple times and regularly (say, if it got stuck outside in the rain). I know longer have to take the plane to a specialized shop. I can fog it myself whenever I want. So, in the long run, $800+ isnt that bad, its just youre not getting a lot of physical product for $800. Instead, youre just getting the time the mfg spent figuring out the best way to solve a problem. They solved it well, the product works well, but its still over priced. Make no mistake, its a 5-star product, just with the 3-star price. Packing was clever... the wands ship in an 8 piece of normal schedule 40 PVC pipe with caps on either end. I wondered if I was going to receive fragile bent wands in the mail, but short of the UPS truck driving over the PVC (and even then it would have to be a semi) nothing could misshape the wands.

December 30, 2018


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Q: Can you give me a break down of the parts included with this ACF-50 hand held spray system? Exp. does it include the longer wands?

Yes, this does include longer wands. We have added the parts breakdown to the 'Documents' tab of the web page for your review.

Q: Does this require an A&P certificate to apply to other aircraft other than my own?

Yes, an A&P certificate would be required to apply this to an aircraft you do not own.

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