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Part# 05-04366


Developed exclusively for Aircraft Door Seals by a major chemical company, this phenomenal new wing walk coating reduces the chance of slipping when climbing up on the wing. Unlike the mundane wing walk coating found on most aircraft, ULTRA WING WALK is a fast-drying polyurethane-based semi-gloss black coating with fine particles of rubber that adds class to any plane.



Great wing walk. Easy to apply and durable.

Dan N
February 7, 2021

Easy to apply, drys to a smoother texture then other wing walk. Good stuff👍

July 30, 2020

Goes on easy with a brush. Fair warning, mask off areas very well and pay special attention to any joints that need to remain accessible (access panels). This stuff sticks and will get everywhere. Very good working time and easy to stir with a screwdriver. Used only about 1/2 on a Debonair.

Robert W
July 20, 2020

Works as advertised

Doug H
April 17, 2020

Takes a bit longer to dry. Say 48 hours.

Tom C
February 13, 2020

Really quick shipping

December 1, 2019

Great DIY product. Just prep the surface, mask the perimeter, stir well, and apply with a roller. Finish is super tough, rough, and glass black.

Travis C
May 3, 2019

We are painting a team of T6s and used this on the first one. I was impressed enough to order enough to do the next three.

John M
February 12, 2018

Good product brings the wing walk back to life. Make sxure you stir all during the application

April 21, 2017

Plan on 24 hours for complete curing.

March 3, 2017


Q: Can this Ultra Wing Walk coating be adhered to metal surfaces?

Yes, it can be adhered to metal.

Q: Would this be good for the top side of seaplane floats?

This material works well for any application that an anti-slip wing walk is required.

Q: Can this Ultra Wing Walk Coating be applied over an existing wing walk coating?

Per the supplier: Yes, it can.

Q: Is this Ultra Wing Walk Coating applied with a standard paint brush?

Yes, a standard paint brush (not included) is used to apply the wing walk coating.

Q: Does the Ultra Wing Walk Coating require toluene or some other product in preparation to apply on a walkway that has a previous material on the wing?

Per the supplier: No other product is required.

Q: How many square feet will one quart normally cover?

Per the supplier: 1 quart will generally cover a flat surface of 15 sq ft with two coats.

Q: What is the recommanded application and curing temperature range?

The recommended application range is from 33 F to 95 F. It can be applied with a brush or a standard 3" roller.

Q: How soon can the Ultra wing walk paint be walked on?

Per the instructions: 1-3 to the touch. Ready to use in 9-12 hours.

Q: What is the number of paint coatings recommended?

Per the instructions: Normally one coat is all that is needed. If you wish to apply two coats, allow at least one hour between coats.

Q: Do you have the MSDS sheet for this Ultra Wing Walk Coating?

Yes, we have added it to the web page in the 'Documents' tab. Please review it there.

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