Hartzell Plane Power Alternator Kit Fs1-14B

Part# 07-01883
MFR Model# FS1-14B


The FS1-14B alternator's lightweight (6.0 pounds), compact size and flexible installation, on either Continental or Lycoming engines, makes it the ideal alternator solution for a wide variety of kit-built aircraft. Another distringuishing feature is that, depending on the builder’s needs and aircraft configuration, the FS1-14B alternator can be used as the aircraft’s primary power source.

About the FS Series alternator:
  • Power rating for the FS1-14B: 14.2 volts
  • Power rating for FS1-14: 13.6 volts
  • 30 amps continuous power output at actual Continental or Lycoming engine cruise power settings
  • Internal regulators and over-voltage protection
  • Simple installation on any AND 20000 pad (vacuum pad) on Continental and Lycoming engines
Note: Regulators are not included with the alternators. They must be purchased separately. Please see the "Accessories" tab for the associated regulators.

These are complete kits which include everything you need to add an alternator to your experimental aircraft engine including not only the alternator, but also all new brackets, spacers, mounting hardware and belt.


  • Volt/Amps: 12/30
  • Replaces: 14.2 volt, 30 amp primary alternator for aircraft not requiring more than 30 amps at cruise RPM and little or no output below approx. 1200 RPM. It mounts on an unused AND 20000 pad (vacuum pad) on both Lycoming and Continental engines
  • (Internal Regulator)
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The sheer coupling from the drive port to the innards of the alternator sheered within 10 minutes of installation! Looks like a fault within the plastic moulding. Not impressed with its quality.

Mark S Verified Purchase


October 5, 2022


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Q: The description states the FS1-14B has an internal regulator and O/V protection. The "Note" states you must buy a separate regulator. Which is it?

The FS1 14B is internally regulated. It does not an external regulator.

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