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These very popular frames are constructed of welded steel for strength and durability. They have 2 ball bearings for easy swiveling and are painted for corrosion resistance. The frame is mounted to a 1-inch diameter support pipe threaded to fit a 3/4-inch size pipe or conduit.
Frames available in 8", 10", 13", 18", 24", and 36" diameters.
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Some of the paint was scratched off when recieved but looks like a well built unit otherwise

July 28, 2018

Forgot to add when I grasped the threaded end of the tube when removing the frame from the shipping box, I received a metal splinter in my finger that drew blood.

Jim I
September 29, 2017

Opened the package upon arrival, painted grey finish is scraped and rough on the back side all the way down the length of the frame, I will have to repaint it to prevent corrosion. Ball bearing action is smooth- but only for about 2/3 rotation, then it jams- tight- I will have to either work it loose or disassemble the center shaft from the frame and figure out why. Overall, not impressed. Maybe the Chinese can make it better.

Jim I
September 29, 2017

To follow up, I received a replacement frame. It did not rotate freely either, and it too had damage to the painted surfaces- but in different areas as compared to the first one shipped to me. As in the case of the first one, the shipping box was undamaged. It did have a plastic cap on top of the bearing housing to keep rain out- the first one shipped to me did not.

James I
October 7, 2017


Q: Does these Scott's standard windsock frames include the windsock?

No, these are the frames only. Windsocks must be purchased separately.

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