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Two major things make a windsock, its material and its construction. Premium nylon fabric that is made right here in the USA. Nylon offers unparalleled windsock durability to the elements and will not become rigid in cold weather, These windsocks are extremely responsive in even the slightest of wind. From there it gets urethane coated and UV protected, giving the windsock superior fade resistance and color retention. The material is subjected to a variety of tests by an independent lab to verify its structural integrity and UV resistance. It's reinforced with double stitched hems and heavy duty brass grommets, assures these windsocks long life reliability.
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Bought this for my dad who is a retired pilot. He loved it.

Sabrina M
December 2, 2019


Sabrina M
November 14, 2019

Exactly as described. Holds up very well

Beth L
July 29, 2019

Very good service and one of the few places I can find a sock to fit a homemade weather vane. Lasted about 3 years in eastern New Mexico desert. Was the softball sized hail that got the first on.

A. N
April 14, 2019

Pricing was reasonable and the delivery was very fast! Thanks Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, you did not disappoint me!

Kenneth R
July 30, 2018

Works perfect. Very pleased

Art K
August 24, 2017

As always, Aircraft Spruce comes through with ease of online product selection, simple ordering and fast shipping. Thanks

Bob M
February 16, 2017

No ring for the windsock to attach to the pole was included. Can this be ordered or what should be used? Really liked the material used for the windsock.

Judy T
June 23, 2020

Product should work well the paint on the unit was scratched may repaint it to make it look new P/N 13-20231 13 inch

Rex D
April 29, 2020


Q: Do these come with the necessary hardware to attach to a pole or is it just the material sock you get?

These windsocks include the sock only. They have brass rings sewn into them to attach to the pole, but they do not include any additional mounting hardware.

Q: If I buy this windsock, what size pole do I attach it and how? What's included in the package? I live in the country and would like to see what the wind is like. I have a 30 foot flagpole with a 3x5 flag flying but many times I can't see the flag from where I am. I have a location in mind for installation but don't really know what I need to make my idea come to fruition. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

These windsocks will come with the windsock itself and black UV tie wraps to attach to an existing frame. If you do not have a frame, we carry those as well. A sample part # would be 13-06481 (AWS BALL BEARING FRAME 8"). A search for this part number will bring you to the page with the other sizes. The pole size and height is up entirely up to the customer since every application is different.

Q: I'd like to buy wind sock 18 x 96, frame and pole to be mounted on the ground. Do these windsocks include the frame and pole? If not, how can I order the frame and pole?

No, the windsocks sold on this page are only the socks. They will not include the frame and pole. We do sell the windsock frames. For 18" diameter socks, we offer part numbers 13-06483, 13-20230, and 13-04326. We do not offer the pole, each application is different and generally customer will fasten the sock to standard flagpoles depending on the height they require.

Q: Do you offer Customized windsocks with company logos?

No, unfortunately we do not offer this service.

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