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The "Long Life" windsock is made of 100% nylon and is very durable. Even in tough weather conditions, this windsock can hold its own.

The "Extra Long Life" windsock is a heavy-duty cross-woven Aviation blend Poly. Nylon material with special Rip-Stop characteristics, Medium-weight for more flexibility, chemically resistant treated, and Polyurethane coated for bonding strength and water repellency. Ultra-violet dyed for best retention. Nylon support webbing on intake opening with brass grommets. Colorfast International Bright Orange in color. "Extra Long Life" windsocks have an estimate 50% longer life and color retention.

Colors may not be accurate on your monitor.

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Edmonton Soaring Club (field at Chipman, Alberta): bought & installed two 36X144 Extra Long Life Windsocks p/n 13-02042 in 2015. They are stored Oct-April each year both need to be replaced in 2018 due to fading and/or ripping. This 3 to 3.5 year lifespan is almost double that of the 1-2 year lifespan of p/n 13-06471 (not Extra Long Life) but costs only 25% extra.

Bill M
June 27, 2018

Fast shipping. Seems to be high quality. I have been using windsocks from CCI. They only last about 9 months until they break at the crease. This one is much more flexible & looks like it should last a lot longer. Reasonably priced too!

Tim R
March 12, 2018

I have been buying these windsock for years. I have a grass runway in Hawaii. The sun is really hard on windsock here in Hawaii . But these last long time in the Sun and the rain. Very happy with them. I definitely recommend them.

February 10, 2018

Purchased the 18X60 Extra Long Life Windsock. P/N: 13-20114, Lasted approx. 14 months in the Philippines. I will be replacing with a Scotts Windsock based on reviews.

Todd S
September 21, 2017

Bought the extra long life and looked like a fishing net after only 6 months ! Called aircraft spruce in Brantford multiple times to try to speak with someone and they said they dont cover anything definitely not worth the extra money

Alain D
March 16, 2017


Q: Regarding a 24 x 96 windsock: what airspeed will it be fully extended? Do your extra long lasting appear the same as others at same airspeed?

Per the supplier: Our Aviation Windsocks are wind tunnel designed to be fully truncated (full blown shape) at 15 knots or 16.50 Miles per Hour. All of our Industrial windsocks also are designed with same speed / full shaped, also smaller windsocks will indicate lighter breezes faster.

Q: For an 18x60 extra long life windsock, at what wind speed would it be fully extended?

This will be fully extended at the wind speed of 15 knots or 16.5 mph.

Q: What is the expected life of these windsocks?

Per the supplier: There is no set warranty or time as the life of the sock depends on weather conditions.

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