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Part# 12-01697


Tom' s oil filter cutting tool will allow you to inspect your aircraft's oil filtering material for trapped debris in a quick and easy manner. Oil filter inspection is a critical measure of your engine's health and should always be a part of your aircraft's regular maintenance program.

Most filter cutters work like a pipe or tubing cutter in that you have to go around and around the filter, adjusting cutter depth with each pass. Although you could do that with this tool, the real beauty of this new product is that the cut can be easily made in one pass. The tool is designed primarily for Lycoming oil filters that have a threaded insert protruding from the end of the filter.

A few Lycoming oil filters and most Continental oil filters do not have this insert. For these filters, an adapter insert is supplied with the tool.

Tom's oil filter cutter may also be used on smaller filters such as found on Rotax or automotive engines. Simply remove the cutter handle and reposition the pivot bolt to the inner hold on the base handle. The adapter insert may be needed on these filters as well. Made in USA.

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I’ve use it 6 or more times and found it solid and strong. No chance of bending or breaking. I cut Champion filter used on my Lycoming. Never a problem cutting them. At first I do rock it back and forth then pull it all the way around. Pretty straight forward to me. Mine is made of Heavy duty steel and could only be bent if used incorrectly.

Ronald S
February 24, 2019

Sadly they did not use a grade 8 bolt for the pivot a mere AN 3 was used. Additionally, the nicely-black coated handles were weak, and bent when trying to penetrate the can so that I had to hammer-and-anvil them more flat back to the design criteria. The handles seem to be low-carbon steel based upon a grinding-wheel spark test so cannot be hardened. I think I may give it to the neighboring I.A. who has been pencil-whipping annuals anyway. Also the worst part is that they are self-camming when rotating around the filter, making cuts a series of chisel entries and not hugely controllable. I hope this yelps all yall.

Ed, I
December 9, 2016


Q: Can this cut 1.75 inch diameter fuel filters?

Per Vendor: A 1.75" diameter filter sounds unrealistically small. That's a little bigger than a D-cell battery, so unless it is for a RC, that seems small for an aircraft engine. A filter with a 1.75" radius would be more realistic, and the cutter should work with that size.

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