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Part# 10-00808
MFR Model# P-100


For reliability and durability reasons, E.I. will only manufacture ungrounded EGT probes. Ground noise at the engine can be a big problem for any piece of electronic equipment. Grounded probes transmit this noise back to the instrument. Grounded probes can also produce ground loops between the engine ground and the instrument ground. All of these problems result in jumpy, unstable instrument readings. In order to try to eliminate these problems some manufacturers use excessive filtering in their instruments, but this only results in a slow probe/instrument system response time. Theres just not a good fix for a grounded probe. E.I.s ungrounded probes eliminate the problems associated with gound noise and ground loops, providing a stable display and fast system response time. An engine analyzer MUST be coupled with a well-designed EGT probe to achieve excellence in the total analyzer/probe system.

Screw-in type, Standard with most kits. Can be used in a pressure environment. 700F max.

E.I. products include all documentation and certifications

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Jerry M
December 21, 2017

I ordered 2 of these P-100 cht probes and when I went to see if there was a recommended torque value or anti-sieze recommendation. I found 4 copies of the installation instructions for the P-110 egt probe with no contact info for EI. I didnât order any egt probes.

December 11, 2017


Q: Does the EI P-100 CHT Replacement Probe use a type K or J thermocouple wire?

The EI P-100 CHT Replacement Probe uses the Type K thermocouple wire.

Q: Does this part no. come with the OLC-1 connectors?

Yes, this does come with the OLC-1 connectors.

Q: What is the thread size on this EI P-100 CHT thermocouple?

The thread size is 3/8-24.

Q: Is this probe (part no. 10-00808) a CHT probe or a EGT probe?

Part # 10-00808 is a CHT probe.

Q: What is the weight of the P-100 sensor?

Approx 0.05 lbs.

Q: Are the EI P-100 CHT probes spring loaded?

No it is not.

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