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RC Allen Rca26 Series Electric Attitude Gyro Ak 14V

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The RCA26 series electric attitude gyro employs an electrically driven rotor to sense movement in the roll and pitch axis and transmits the information to the pilot through a pictorial presentation. They have a built in inverter which converts aircraft DC power to the required AC voltage and frequency. All units have a pull cage knob and a power failure flag. Slip indicator can be added upon request.

Mating connector MS3116E8-4S (10-00791) and panel screws are now included with each unit.

Optional Slip Indicator to satisfy FAA AC91-75 (10-02586).
Made in the USA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Model Specifications

  • AK-1: Standard look, 14 VDC, Lighted, Moveable pointer, Stationary roll dial. Connector Pin out: A: Ground Motor, B: +14 VDC motor, C: Ground Lights, D: +14 VDC Lights, available in 0 or 8 Tilt.
  • AK-2: Standard look, 14 VDC, Lighted, fixed pointer, moveable roll dial. Connector pin our: A: Ground Motor, B: Ground Lights, C: +14 VDC Motor, D: +14 VDC Lights, available in 0 or 8 Tilt.
  • AK-3: Standard look, 14 VDC, Moveable pointer, stationary roll dial. Connector pin out: A: Ground Motor, B: +14 VDC Motor, C: Spare, D: Spare, available in 0 or 8 Tilt.
  • AK-4: Standard look, 14 VDC, Fixed Pointer, Moveable roll dial. Connector Pin out: A: Ground Motor, B: +14 VDC motor, C: Spare, D: Spare, available in 0 or 8 Tilt.
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Q: Could the 26AK-4 accommodate 33 degree tilt?

Per RC ALLEN, the highest degree tilt for their mechanical indicators is 18 degrees. For anything higher you would need to use a digital instrument.

Q: Is this RC Allen attitude indicator TSOd?

Yes, the RCA26 series is FAA TSO approved.

Q: Does the slip skid indicator come standard with this unit?

No, that is optional. The part number for the indicator is 10-04623.

Q: Is a core (or corecharge) required for this instrument?

No, there is no core charge associated with the purchase of the items on this page. Any item that has a core charge will automatically add the charge when you add the base unit to the shopping cart.

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