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Alaskan Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly Abi-3224A

Part# 06-00722
MFR Model# ABI-3224A


ABI-3224A Alaskan Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly. Replacement part for the Scott 3200A. FAA-PMA # PQ1557NM. The difference between the 3200 and 3224A is the steering arm and dust caps. The 3224A comes with the heavy duty steering arm.
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Q: What is the weight of the Alaskan Bushwheel tailwheel assembly ABI-3224A?

The ABI-3224A tailwheel assembly weighs approximately 8.5 lbs.

Q: Does the wheel and tire come as part of the ABI-3224A assembly?

Yes, this is a completed assemble with the wheel and tire.

Q: Is the tire solid or pneumatic?

This has a pneumatic tire.

Q: Does the Alaskan Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly ABI3224A come with mounting hardware, springs and spring clips?

It does not.

Q: What is color of Alaskan Bushwheel ABI-3224A fork assembly? Some photos show beige & some show black.

These are black. We have updated the photography to accurately represent the stock.

Q: Is this considered a direct replacement for a Scott 3200 Tailwheel? Does it require a field approval or STC?

Yes. That is a FAA/PMA approved direct replacement for a Scott 3200.

Q: How wide are the 3200 and 3400 wheels?

Roughly 3" overall.

Q: Do you sell the replacement tube for the ABI 3200A?

The ABI 3200A would use a standard 2.80/2.50x4 tube. Part # 06-00760 would be a good option.

Q: What is the ply rating of the tire?

This is a 4 ply tire.

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