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Part# 06-11413-1
MFR Model# 225DX


This Deluxe Brake Bleeder Tank has been completely redesigned to resist the solvent effects of most types of aviation brake fluids. The high-impact plastic reservoir and specialized seals are compatible with 5606 and Skydrol. The hand operated pressurizing pump has also been totally re-engineered to deliver more pressure with fewer strokes. You get everything needed including a Cleveland adapter and the universal adapter which will fit most brake receptacles. 12 lbs (5.5Kg) shipping weight.

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Best brake bleeder I ever bought. I do wish the hose were a tad longer, it would make it easier on low-wing aircraft. I did see some reviews that said it causes air bubbles in the brake fluid so did a few tests running 5606 through it and back into an empty quart container. If you pump it up to much then it foams the fluid. Use only a few pumps and keep the pressure down and the fluid will not foam. The container is really strong and will take a lot of pressure and a lot of abuse so its easy to over do it. Keep the pressure down and take an extra 20 seconds to bleed the brakes and you get a better result. I bleed a lot of breaks and I love this product!

Ben K
August 15, 2019

Works well!!

October 19, 2018

Unbelievable!! Works like a champ!!

November 4, 2017

Michael B
September 18, 2017

Works perfectly on my Cessna 210! Just recommend the purchase of a vinyl hose to attach to the fill hole at the top of the brake cylinder prior to bleeding. This will catch the excess fluid and provide visual indication of any air bubbles that are flushed out.

Phillip L
August 24, 2017

I replaced the bleeder assy with the McFarlane bleeder kit P/N MCBB-KT-5 on my T210M brakes. I had a few drops of fluid during the bleeding process. Tank worked as advertsed.

June 1, 2017

This is the correct way to bleed your brakes....via pressure vs. the old school way of pumping the brake lever. This unit flushes all the old 5606 fluid out and then removes all the stubborn air in the lines - especially in Piper aircraft. I spend hours trying to bleed the air out of a Piper Archer - this unit had it air-free in approx. 15 minutes.

May 21, 2015

The tank works great but I can't get either adapter to seal on any bleeder I have attempted to connect to, Cleveland or otherwise. I have to jam small o-rings between the bleeder and the adapter in addition to firmly holding the adapter in place to get more fluid in the aircraft than what runs out on the ground. Flow through the adapters is extremely slow. I have become so disgusted with the Cleveland adapter I don't even keep it with the tank. I recently found a $15 hobby store solution that works much easier, cleaner and faster.

July 8, 2015

It works, but as stated before has serious design flaws. The hose is ridiculously stiff and heavy, and makes the tank fall over when ever you try to move it. You have to attach the fitting, then carefully place the tank in exactly the right spot so the hose wont make it fall over. Would be better off a $10 garden sprayer from Home Depot and attachment for the bleeder valve.

Steven M
December 4, 2019

I purchased this item to bleed the brakes on my Piper Arrow. I was unable to get a good seal on the Cleveland bleed nipple and the available pressure was unsatisfactory to bleed the brakes.

Kim E
December 19, 2019


Q: What's the capacity of the tank on this hydraulic brake bleeder?

The tank capacity is 1 gallon.

Q: How much pressure is it rated to produce?

Per supplier: with good compression it should be about 100 PSI.

Q: Does it push fluid up or suck it down from the reservoir?

It pushes the fluid up.

Q: Does the Hydraulic Brake Bleeder tank come with the Cleveland adapter or do you have to order that in addition?

It is included.

Q: Will this system work with Matco brakes?

Per matco, yes, this is the bleeder we use.

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