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Maule Anti-Shimmy Connector

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Part# 06-15150
MFR Model# 4001-29


A high and low frequency spring is used to upset the natural frequency of the tailwheel. The lighter spring is used on the left side.


I had one of the small Tailwheel spring clips pull open on my Extra 300. This is the prefect replacement system with the oval clips with safety cotter pins.

Kevin E
May 21, 2017

Works great to stop the shimmy on the Scott 3200 tailwheel on my CUB

Tony B
December 15, 2015

Could have been suppied with slightly longer pieces of chain, too short for my aircraft.

Don A
April 27, 2021

Andy M
August 26, 2018

Was wanting to put these on a Taylorcraft with a maule tail wheel. The distance between the tail wheel an the rudder arm was to short.

Randall R
January 4, 2019

One of the connecting links was not drilled to accept the cotter pin. I simply drilled it out to make it work but it is a pain to do.

June 11, 2018

This will only work I your chains are kept in constant tension.

October 21, 2018


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Q: Is this Maule anti-shim connector kit FAA Approved? Does this kit include an STC for a Piper PA18-135?

Per the manufacturer, everything in the kit is approved. However, it does not come with STC and a field approval may be required for installation in certified aircraft.

Q: What size are these Maule anti-shimmy springs? And what length are the connectors?

The springs are about 2.25 long and 1" in diameter. The connectors are 1-13/16 and the chain is 4" long.

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