Retread Tires 600-6 6 Ply Retread Elite Premium 2 Groove

Part# 06-01474
MFR Model# 600-6 6 PLY RTO


50600-6 6 ply retread "Elite Premium 2 Groove" Top of the line. 2 Wide Hydro-Grooves emulate the looks and performance of the premium tire.

Their premium retreads are produced by their affiliate: Aero Wheel & Brake Service Corp. Aero WBS holds FAA certification to retread high speed aircraft tires up to 225 MPH.

Their sizes range from small piston engine aircraft through Regional Jet aircraft. 95% of the worlds airlines depend on retreads not only for cost control, but for the extended life they provide over most new tires.

Aero has the most advanced Laser Shearography tire testing facility in the USA for its Retreads.

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Put these on my Arrow mains 3 years and 123 landings ago. Hard to detect any wear on them.

August 26, 2021

Didn’t know what to expect with a retread tire. The tread looked really good. But was surprised to see a patch on the inside of one tire. Hope it works out ok.

Ross M Verified Purchase


August 3, 2021

Bought these as alternative to new as was told we could likely get more landings out of them. We only have about 4 hours on them, but can tell you that they are far heavier than new tires....in fact, it weighted about twice that of our previous worn tires. The thread seems thicker and hope this corresponds to longer life.

November 10, 2020


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Q: What is the weight of these retread tires?

Approx 11 lbs.

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