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From $42.70 to $493.20
Description Part No. Price Buy
Single Strut Kit (4 Oz) 06-13300 $42.70
3 Strut Kit - Single Engine (8 oz) 06-13400 $75.50
3 Strut Kit - Medium Twins (12 Oz.) 06-13500 $92.75
3 Strut Kit - Large Twins (16 Oz.) 06-00110 $115.75
Granville Strut Additive (Pt) 06-00111 $98.75
Granville Strut Additive (Quart) 06-03048 $144.75
Granville Strut Additive (1/2 Gallon) 06-03049 $272.50
Granville Strut Additive (Gallon) 06-03050 $493.20
Subtotal $0.00
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Landing gear strut packing seals shrink due to fluctuating weather conditions and age. This specially engineered hydraulic chemical additive leaves a protective coating on the strut shaft and allows the seal to expand to its normal size. It will stop strut leaks and is an excellent lubricant and corrosion preventative. Application is fast and easy - any owner or pilot can do the job in minutes. FAA approved.

Manufacturer has no stated shelf life.
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Works well

Raja G
October 3, 2019

We keep it in stock at our maintenance hangar. Every strut re-seal we use it. Have never had a comeback with a strut issue.

Sunset E
August 12, 2019

Im skeptical about snake oil products and ordered the strut rebuild kit at the same time to have on hand. Bottom line is I have a strut rebuild kit for sale if anyone is interested?!

July 11, 2019

Gary M
June 15, 2019

Has always worked well...have used it for years.

Ronald H
April 6, 2019

Must have!! Solved strut problems! Buy it now!Stops air and fluid leaks!

October 19, 2018

There was no black tube as stated in the instructions. What tubing was there was too short to reach anything. Ran around for another hour and fortyfive minutes trading to find something to fit with no luck. As for the sealing part I havent been back to the airport to see.

Jim M
March 2, 2018

I was dubious about this product when I first bought it. To me, it seems a bit like snake oil a magic elixir providing an easy fix. However, I thought it worth the gamble compared to the labor and cost involved in disassembling the strut. That was six months ago and the strut hasnt leaked since, so Im now buying a second bottle to keep on hand for when one of the other struts start to show a problem.

David F
February 25, 2018

Have used Granville Strut Seal since 2002 and it works great. Only problem, and it is a small one...the plastic tube is to big to go into the opening where the air valve is..

March 30, 2017

Worked great.

Rodney L
September 22, 2015


Q: How many ounces of Granville strut seal fluid come in a three strut kit? I bought a kit some time back and not sure if it is a three strut or single strut kit.

We have modified the ordering chart to include the sizes of each product. Please review it on this web page.

Q: What is the strut additive and is it needed with the sealing kit?

The additive is in each kit. The additive is available in a pint size only, if the user already has the applicator in the kit.

Q: Is the Granville strut seal considered hazardous goods?

No, this is not considered hazardous material.

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