Part# 04-00104
MFR Model# FAB-1-0-4


Our aluminum manifold fittings are a bolt-on design with taper pipe threads. These fittings are designed to provide a convenient means of plumbing multiple hoses from and/or to one source with the fitting being bolted to a supporting structure. This design will eliminate Adel clamps at the juncture of the hoses and eliminate additional tee type fittings when more than two hoses are to be connected to one source. Applications include brake reservoir lines, static system, suction systems, fuel systems, air line pigs, smoke systems, and more. Not for use on oxygen systems or pressures over 150 psi.


Basic part number on all fittings is 04-00XXX, complete the part number by filling in the last 3 digits after selecting the fitting you need according to the details below. Example: 04 -00102.
First Code Number - Determines the style of the fitting.
-1: One port in the end with two ports out, 90 cross drilled with one port per side. 3 ports total. Two Mounting Holes.
-2: One port in the end with four ports out, 90 cross drilled with two ports per side. 5 ports total. Two Mounting Holes.
-3: One port in the end with six ports out, 90 cross drilled with three ports per side. 7 ports total. Four Mounting Holes.
-4: One port in the end with eight ports out, 90 cross drilled with four ports per side. 9 ports total. Four Mounting Holes.
-5: One port in the end with four ports out, 90 drilling with four ports on one side only. 5 ports total. Two Mounting Holes.

Second Code Number - Determines the style of porting.
-0: All the ports are the same.
-1: Inlet port is one size larger than outlet ports.
-2: Inlet port is two sizes larger than outlet ports.

Third Code Number - Determines the inlet port size.
-2: 1/8-27 taper pipe thread (NPT)
-4: 1/4-18 taper pipe thread (NPT)
-6: 3/8-18 taper pipe thread (NPT)
-8: 1/2-14 taper pipe thread (NPT)
In the example above - 04 -00102, this would be a 1/8 NPT inlet with two outlets of the same size.
Example - 04 -00326, this would have a 3/8 NPT inlet with six 1/8 NPT outlets.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Good product. I could have fabricated this item but at the price offered it was not worth my time.

Thomas W Verified Purchase


December 22, 2021

Well made. Should have mentioned that no plugs are provided to block unused ports.

Richard F
April 4, 2020

Great little manifold. I used it for my oil pressure sensor and Hobbs meter pressure switch.

Vance S
February 2, 2020

High-quality component. Well constructed. Great for multi-source fuel, vent, hydraulic, or pressure connections.

Reiff L
September 28, 2017

Nicely machined, multiple uses, good price.

D. D
February 16, 2017


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Q: Can I get the dimensions for a aluminum manifold p/n 04-00306? I cannot find it anywhere on your web site. Please provide a dimensional specification so that I can use it to make sure it will fit in the area, before we need to order.

Here are the dimensions: 4-1/2" length x 2" width x 1" height. 7 Port, each port is 3/8" NPT in and 3/8" NPT out.

Q: Could you please provide dimensions of the part 04-00102?

1.5" L x .630" W x 1" H

Q: Id like to use the aluminium manifold P/N 04-00206 for a project. Could you please provide me the dimensions of this manifold?

Approx dimensions of 04-00206: 2-inch x 1-inch x 3-inch

Q: What are the dimensions of 04-00114?

1.526" L x 1.277" H x .775" W

Q: Do you sell plugs to block unused outlet ports? If so, what are your part numbers?

Something like an AN913 should work. The exact part number would depend on what size you need.

Q: Concerned about center distance on ports out to be sure fittings can be addressed. Can you tell me what they are for 04-00302?

Something like an AN913 should work. The exact part number would depend on what size you need.

Q: on multi port blocks what is the center to center distance between ports (holes)?

In regards to the FAB 1-0-2, the outlet ports are on opposite sides, 1-1/2 apart. These do not have multiple ports on one side. The port spacing on multiple ported models is according to Machinist Handbook to open end wrench spacing. In other words, spacing varies according to the port size.

Q: On the 1/8 NPT 3 port item (04-00102) what is the diameter and spacing of the mounting holes?

.200 ID and 1 center to center.

Q: What are the dimension of P/N 04-00218?

OD 3/8 ID 3/16 THICK .032

Q: Can you please provide the dimensions of Part #: 04-00302?

2.8L x 1.5H x .623W

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