Part# 05-07960
MFR Model# A-750-30-0600


The A-750 vernier control has a 10-32 threaded shaft for use with a ball point or threaded terminal. Unique ball-socket construction permits the threaded end to swivel 80 degrees in any direction. The casing has a Teflon™ inner liner for low friction and heat resistance in high-temperature areas such as engine compartments. Furnished with FAA-style knobs (Black, Red & Blue). Travel: 3-3/8". Wt. 1 lb. (4'). Stocked in the following lengths (measurement taken from under panel nut to end of threaded shaft with knob pushed in).

Made in USA
Experimental Aircraft Only
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Doug C Verified Purchase


October 27, 2021

Good quality Control cable, smooth action. Delivery time was slow, took about 7 weeks.

Gary K
January 19, 2021

Best value for price that I could find, works well and no obvious difference from any other that Ive used over the years.

Paul A
December 15, 2018

Very Good Quality for a reasonable price.

Alan K
April 8, 2018

Fit and finish as advertised, replaced previous model installed 20 plus years ago exactly appears even better quality then previous model.

Dave N
June 2, 2017

As advertised smooth as silk

May 15, 2017

Quality of the black knob is lacking rough cut plastic mold.

Ware S
September 28, 2018


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Q: Are these A-750 vernier controls FAA Approved?

No, to install these on a certified aircraft you will need to file a 337 Field Approval. The only ACS controls that are FAA approved are A-790-12 (red knob) and A-800-12 (black knob) and they are only approved for certain Cessna models.

Q: What size hole in the panel is required for installation of the A-750 Vernier Controls?

A-750 cables require a 3/4" hole in the panel for installation.

Q: What is the outer casing diameter of the A-750 so I know what size of cable safe to order?

The A-750 outer housing is 1/4" O.D.

Q: Are these A-750 throttle controls useable on Rotax powered aircraft?

No, these are not useable on dual carb Rotax engines.

Q: Is the A-750 suitable for use as a throttle control on experimental aircraft?

This would work as long as your application requires a 36" vernier style control with a 10-32 threaded end.

Q: Who makes this A-750 vernier control? What is the housing made of?

ACS Products makes these controls. The housing is a teflon inner lined, wound spring steel wire.

Q: Is the construction the same between this A-750 and the FAA approved A-790 controls?

Both a A-750 and A-790 have use the same housing, but are not constructed the same. The A-750 has an inner cable with a 10-32 threaded end, and the A-790 has a .078" inner wire, which is also the end of the cable.

Q: FAA certified engine control cables have a uniquely shaped knob style associated with the color and function of the knob. Black is throttle, red is mixture and blue is prop with their corresponding knob shapes. Do these knobs have the same unique shapes corresponding to the color selected?

Yes, the different colors will have the different shapes associated with that color. Black is throttle that is smooth without any notches. Red is mixture with thin notches. Blue is prop with thicker notches.

Q: How is the length measured on the vernier throttle cable? Is it from the top of the knob to the end of the internal cable or just the outer cable length?

It is measured from the end of the inner cable, to the flat part behind the knob where it is secured against the panel.

Q: Can I order the A-750 Vernier Control in a custom length? Also, what is the minimum radius this cable can be bent?

Yes, the A-750 can be ordered in custom length. Uou can keyword search "Custom ACS Controls" on our website and click the first result. There you can select your options for your custom cable and place the order. Recommended minimum bending radius for all controls is 5" (never less than 3").

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