Part# 11-15883
MFR Model# 11-2200-A-24


The compact SunBeacon II is a direct replacement for the standard beacon. It is available in red or white, and in 12V or 24V. It is TSO C-96a Class II approved for white, TSO-C96a Class I and Class III approved for red.


  • Beacon Average Current: 1.2A at 14V, 0.6A at 28V
  • Beacon Peak Current: 4.4A at 14V, 8.8A at 28V for 0.2 seconds
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Great product Ive used these on several aircraft. Best in its class by far!

Point T Verified Purchase


September 29, 2022

very bright, easily seen at a distance in daylight. Works well with the Aerolight wingtip strobes using a sync wire.

March 23, 2021

Superbly fabricated hardware. Super bright beacon. Very pleased with this product. Just kills me how expensive the FAA makes it for anything to be certified.

John H
October 24, 2019

Talk about bright - I can see it reflecting off my tires during taxi in daytime!!! Installation brochure warned mechanics not to look directly at it, without welding glasses! My 172A can be seen NOW.

Grp A
January 28, 2019

Bought this at Oshkosh last summer and installed on the Skywagon. Flown 50+ hours since then, largely at night. Sunbeacon is an apt name. You *will* get spots in your eyes if you look at it, even in daylight! Draws hardly any current, plus it got rid of that annoying siren whine from the previous xenon strobe. It looks appropriate for a 50s-era Cessna, yet modern. And its visible from far, far away. There is a sync wire so you can mount one top and bottom side for even more visibility - I plan to install another at some point. Great product!

February 14, 2018


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Q: What are the dimensions of this AeroLEDS SunBeacon B LED / Red light?

Per the supplier: The dimensions are 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 1.6" H.

Q: What is the warranty of the AeroLEDs Sunbeacon II lights?

5 year warranty.

Q: Does the SunBeacon II come with mounting hardware to mount on the top or bottom of the aircraft or do you need to order the adapter?

The installation instructions indicate the mouning bracket is sold separately.

Q: I have an existing Grimes rotating beacon. What adapter do I need to replace it with a Sunbeacon II?

Per AeroLEDs: the Sunbeacon II requires an adapter which is part number 11-13537

Q: What is the flashing interval on the AeroLEDs Sunbeacon II?

The flash rate is 41 flashes per minute.

Q: Does this require an STC?

No as it has a TSO approval. It will just need to be installed and signed off by an A&P mechanic.

Q: Will the AeroLEDs Sunbeacon II fit on a PA28-140? Will I need the adapter plate?

The vendor recommends using the SunBeacon II kit mount 01-1096 (PN 11-13537).

Q: Does the sun beacon II need an adapter for a Bonanza F33A, year 1978 ?

Yes, you will want to purchase adapter part number 11-17387.

Q: Is the specified Peak Current correct? I assume its 8.8A@14V and 4.4@28V

Peak of 9.2A at 14V | Peak of 4.6A at 28V

Q: Which adapter (if any) is required for a 1974 Cessna 172M?

You would need the SunBeacon II Twist mount PN 01-1096 (our part number 11-13537.)

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