Fuel Flow Valve Twin Tank

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Part# 05-01042
MFR Model# 13667


Twin-tank fuel selector valve. 3 positions: LEFT-OFF-RIGHT. LEFT and RIGHT positions are 90 either side of OFF. Panel mount.

This unit if the handle is on the top is:
  • 2" Top to Bottom
  • 2-7/8" From Side to Side
  • Requires a 9/16" Diameter Hole in the Panel
  • Uses a 1/4" ID Fuel Line
  • Has a 1/4" Turn Right to Left or to the Off Position


My application for this valve is on a motocross motorcycle fuel system. It fits the bill perfectly at minimum size. It has been installed and field tested and works as I intended.

Michael D Verified Purchase


October 9, 2021

Worked perfect and shipped fast. I had the part within a few days at 1/4 the cost.

Glen H Verified Purchase


October 5, 2021

These work great. I use them for WVO conversion in diesel vehicles.

Robert A Verified Purchase


June 4, 2021

No problem!

Karen N
May 17, 2021

The valve for twin tanks was exceptional quality, exact match with fantastic price. Thank You! I will tell everyone about the your products.

Jim C
August 21, 2020

solid valve, smooth action, a value product at a fair price

July 8, 2020

This was and exact match for what I was needing for a tractor with twin tanks. I called the dealership and they wanted $86 plus $14 in shipping. I ordered it from here, it is the exact same part, and I received it quicker than I expected. Thank you for all the help

June 26, 2020

looks to be very well made & lots less than the OEM Gravely part it replaced, but the big surprise was how quickly I received it! Thanks

Reg W
June 10, 2020

Perfect for selecting an external fuel tank for my rv generator.

Siemonsen R
May 30, 2020

For my zero turn lawn mower, the same valve from the mower manufacturer web site was almost 5 times the cost.

Robert S
April 9, 2020


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Q: I want to connect 2 tanks to flow the fuel from A tank, or from B tank, or from both tanks A and B at the same time. Is this valve the right one? Part Number 05-01042

No, this valve (05-01042) only has Right Tank, Left Tank, or Off. It does not have a Both function.

Q: Am I correct that the connector opposite the handle is the common and the two on the sides are the left and right? Or is one of the sides the common?

Correct the sides are left/right and the one on the back is the common(out.)

Q: What material is this made of? Stainless steel?

It is steel. Not stainless.

Q: I am interested in using this for a fuel injection system that runs at a pressure of 40 PSI. Can this selector work with that fuel line pressure?

This is not approved for use with fuel injection systems.

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