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Spherical Composite Firewall Fitting - Ss Pressure Plate - Metal Ttp-4100

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The 4100 series firewall fitting has a 1 inch steel ball held in place by 1 4130 steel pressure plate. It requires only one hole in the firewall and has a swivel angle up to 50 degrees from straight. It is held onto the firewall with one 1 5/16 steel nut and stainless steel washer. This fitting is for a composite firewall and the body has a reach of 0.500, 0.750 or 1.000.

Assembly weighs only 1.8oz-2.6oz (.11lb-.16lb) depending on ball hole size.

Ball hole sizes available are .125, .188, .218, .240, .250, .260, .312, .330, .375, .438, .500, .562 and .750.

Meets FAR 23.1191 and AC 20.135 requirements.

Order example: TTP-4100-75-125 (.75 body length with a .125 ball hole)
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Q: Is the unthreaded portion of the body the same for the 0.500, 0.750 or 1.000?

No, they will be slightly larger for each size you go up so that you have more space for mounting.

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