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Part# 11-16576


The skySensor EXP is the ADS-B in companion to the skyBeacon ADS-B out solution. This experimental-only wingtip ADS-B in receiver provides an easy to install path for dual band ADS-B in. The skySensor replaces your existing aircraft position light and uses the existing mounting location, breaker, and wiring while integrating an LED Navigation and Anti-Collision strobe light. The Wi Fi signal generated allows you to view 978 MHz and 1090 MHz traffic within your existing mobile flight software.


  • ADS-B In
  • Altimeter
  • LED Navigation Light
  • LED Anti-Collision (Strobe)


Didn’t fit the tip perfectly on the pa-28 but install otherwise went without a hitch.

January 27, 2020

Done as a minor alteration with IA, works very well and so much better then the old dull bulb with no strobe.

Ty J
November 25, 2019

This CAN be installed on a certified aircraft if done as a minor alteration. Logbook entry and IA signoff. Works great.

November 20, 2019

David C
December 24, 2018

I have had this Skysensor for over a year now and am frustrated that it crashes flightplan go every 5 min. when I turn on the ADS-B in . I cant tell if its the iPad, Skysensor or flightplan go which is causing the problem. I suspect that if you are not flying in the US, the ADS-B data in signal for non aircraft data is weak or non existent and causes something to fail. Seems to work fine when I fly near the US border. I have contacted uAvionix and Flightplan go, but have not been able to get the traffic display to work for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Jan K
June 15, 2021

Seems like a great product for use with most portable GPS units, iPads or Android devices using WiFi ADS-B IN data information. My question is, would the WiFi signal to the cockpit be substantially hampered when installed on a low wing aircraft with aluminum wings because the units antenna is facing downward with the wing potentially blocking the signal to the cockpit, where high wing aircraft have a more line-of-sight WiFi signal to the cockpit? In any case, the skySensor does seem like a nice match to the UAvionix sky Beacon.

W. L
April 19, 2020

Great concept! Didn’t want the fuss of a portable battery powered unit. The problem is is have droop wingtips and the Skysensor antenna doesn’t allow a fit (not even with their adaptor).

William S
March 17, 2019


Q: Does the UAvionix Skysensor ADS-B In System interface with Garmin Pilot on an android tablet?

No, this does not interface with the Garmin Pilot app. You will need to use another app on your tablet.

Q: What apps does it interface with?

The Skysensor transmits weather and traffic to the following APPS:
FltPlan Go
iFly GPS

Q: What color is the nav light on this Uavionix SkySensor unit? How do you turn on the strobe?

The nav light is green. You will have to use your strobe switch to turn on the strobe.

Q: Does the Skysensor require a strobe power supply?

No, do not connect this to any strobe power supply, as this could damage the unit.

Q: Is this acceptable for use on a certified aircraft, and can an A&P install without an IA sign off?

No, this version is for use on homebuilt or experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does the skysensor strobe function sync with the uavionix skybeacon ADSB Out wing tip strobe function so both tips can flash in sync?

Both units comes with the wiring required to sync the units

Q: I have a experimental biplane with 12v nav lts only. Would this work and is this all I need to be compliant?

This is an ADS-B IN unit only. For ADS-B out compliancy, please see Part# 11-16531.

Q: Can you mount the Uavionix Skysensor unit inside a fiberglass wing tip if you won't to use your existing set up?

The intended design and installation is outside of the wingtip replacing the light. Any other installation would be at the discretion of the builder and operator as this is an experimental aircraft unit.

Q: I dont see Foreflight listed below as an interface app. I thought both the SkyBeacon (ADSB Out) and SkySensor (ADSB In) interfaced to Foreflight?

The skybeacon is an ADS-B OUT solution, therefore does not require to be interfaced to foreflight. The skysensor is an ADS-B IN unit that does interface to foreflight among other apps.

Q: Hi, I just asked Uavionix about certification timeline - how long. They said it is not going to be certified - will remain exp. you should change your comment in the Q&A

Thank you for bringing this out of date and incorrect answer to our attention. We have removed the FAQ.

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