MGL Vega AHRS-1 2-1/4 Color AHRS Compass Display

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Part# 11-15983
MFR Model# AHRS-1


The AHRS-1 for Experimental / LSA aircraft is a 2 1/4Ē sunlight readable color display instrument providing a display for an artificial horizon reference system (AHRS), an advanced digital compass, or both depending on which sensor packages are connected.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Compass with slip indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-6 sensor package)
  • Horizon with optional slip, turn indicator & G-Force (requires MGL Avionics SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Turn and bank indicator (requires MGL Avionics SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Combined compass and horizon display with bank indicator, slip indicator & G-Force (requires MGL Avionics SP6 & SP-7/9 sensor package)
  • Can be setup as an individual compass display, artificial horizon or both
  • The AHRS-1 / MAG-1 is connected to the AHRS / Compass sensor packages by a simple CAN bus interface. This allows for the optimum placement of the sensor packages in the aircraft
  • More then one AHRS-1 unit can be connected onto the CAN bus. This allows the compass, artificial horizon and the turn and bank indicator to be displayed on different units
  • G-Force indicator (MGL Avionics SP7 required).
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This device would likely be pretty nice but it fits a 2 opening instead of 2 1/4. When it got here I discovered this when I tried to install it in my panel

Larry C
May 11, 2019


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Q: Does the MGL Vega AHRS-1 display work as an attitude indicator as a stand alone unit? Or does it need additional sensors package?

Per the install manual you will need the SP-7 (attitude sensor) and SP-6 (compass) units to drive the instruments for this gauge.

Q: MGL Vega AHRS-1 requires unit -7/9 not shown or priced. Can you update me on this please?

To be used as a compass with optional slip indicator, you would require the SP-6 Magnetometer, our Part# 11-09744. For the Horizon with slip, turn, & G-Force or Turn/Bank indication, you would require the SP-7, our part number 11-09743. The combined functionality would require both a SP-6 and a SP-7. These have now been added to the options selection on this unit.

Q: What is included in the package? Ref.: 12.2 Connection Diagram schematic Fuse holder, 1.0A Slow Blow fuse, 120 ohm resistors (2 shown), twisted pair wiring, Alarm Lamp... ?

The AHRS-1 comes with a connector to apply pwr/ground and wire in the CAN bus.

Q: What face size is this instrument? 2 or 2 1/4?

This is a 2-1/4 instrument.

Q: If I want only compass feature do I need to purchase any sensor package at all ?

You would need to add the SP-6.

Q: Can this instrument be used as a primary compass in a certified airplane?

No, this unit is not FAA Approved for use in experimental aircraft.

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