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Azusa 2 Rib/Round 15-04688 $13.50
Azusa 4 Rib/Round 15-04689 $14.95
Aero Classic 6 Heavy Duty Light Sport 06-00944 $71.25
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13-400x6 General Aviation Tires
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A good tire for the money

Lawrence M
April 4, 2020

Not many choices in my size. Seems to be a good tire and well made.

February 8, 2019

Phillip, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have added the 6 ply 400-6 Aero Classic tire to this web page. Hopefully this will help customers pick the best one for their application.

Aircraft S
December 9, 2013

The Aero Classic 4.00X6 is a little wider than the European SAVA 14X4 tire that Im replacing. Thus, my wheel pans will not slide over the fat Aero Classic without some serious manipulations. However, the Aero Classic seems to have deeper tread and thus I assume it will last much longer.

Tavin G
February 5, 2020

Aero Classic does make a 4.00 x 6 tire. Its hard to find on the Spruce website because it is mislabeled as a tailwheel tire, maybe they will fix that. Just got a pair and they are way higher quality also more expensive but you get what you pay for. They are a pound and a half heavier also.

Phillip W
December 9, 2013

Garbage tires. Even the 4 ply aren't that good. I bought the 4 ply then mounted them to a Hurricane Ultralight. Got about 10 pavement landings out of them before they were showing cord. Luckily the last landing I did on them on the way back to the fly in was at the home field. When I started the day the tires still had tread. Land back at home field and I've nylon cords showing. Wouldn't NOT recommend these unless you are a strictly soft field pilot.

Joshua D
September 28, 2013


Q: Are these 13-400x6 general aviation tires tubeless? What is their outer diameter (height)?

These are tube type tires and the OD is 13".

Q: how much do the 13X400X6 TIRE 2 PLY RATING, part # 15-04688, and 13X400X6 TIRE 4 PLY RIBBED TIRES, part # 15-04689, weigh?

15-04688 weighs approximately 2.27 lbs and 15-04689 weighs approximately 2.20 lbs.

Q: Which tube fits this tire 13x400x6?

Part# 06-00945 is the correct tube for this size. Please see the accessories link on this page for to see the product and order.

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