400 X 4 Aero Classic Tailwheel Tire

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Part# 06-00844
MFR Model# DTR1270


400-4 8 Ply Aero Classic Tire Aircraft Tire.

Commonly used on Light Sport and Glider. Made to aircraft standards. Load rated 800 lbs. and 70 MPH. Excellent Quality.

8 Ply Rated, but not any heavier than the old 6 Ply.


  • MFG. Part #: DTR1270 - 400-4 8 PLY
  • Uninflated OD: 11-1/2"
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Very good tire

Denis B
June 6, 2020

Perfect product. Good price. Quick service. Very nice quality of tire. I recommend.

December 1, 2019

This is much too hard and heavy to be used as a nose wheel tire. Does not provide adequate suspension.

John H
December 20, 2020


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Q: Is this 400 X 4 Aero Classic tailwheel tire TSO'd?

No, 06-00844 has Light Sport Experimental stamped on the tire.

Q: What is the weight of this 400 X 4 AERO CLASSIC TAILWHEEL TIRE?

The weight of this tire is approximately 3.11 lbs.

Q: Which tube is recommended for use with the Aero Classic 400x4 tailwheel tire? Is it included?

The tube is not included, it must be ordered separately. The recommended tube is our part number 06-08102. You can find it in the accessories tab of this webpage.

Q: Does this tire come with the rim shown?

No, this is the tire only.

Q: Can this 400-4 8 Ply Aero Classic Tire be used as Tubeless?

No. This is a tube type tire.

Q: Can this tire be used on nosewheel?

This size is most common as a tailwheel, however, if your nosewheel has a size of 400x4 it should work. Whether it fits is all based on the wheel size.

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