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EPE130.07 EGT Extension Lead (7 ft.)10-01480


Superior to any other type of pyrometer available. Unlike com­pet­ing brands, these units are temperature com­pen­sat­ed. That is, when the ambient temperature changes, MICRO-1000 py­rom­e­ters still read the same. And we guar­an­tee that, when properly installed, these pyrometers will be accurate within 2%. Like other MICRO-1000 gauges, these units come with our standard 2-year warranty. Order gauges, probes, and extension leads separately. NOTE: MICRO 1000 pyrometers are not compatible with other thermocouple probes. Order Micro-1000 Probes.

• 2% Accuracy
• Easy-to-Read Dial
• Backlighting
• Standard
• Tem­per­a­ture Com­pen­sat­ed
• Shock & Vibration Re­sis­tant
• Designed & Built for Air­craft

CHT probe (left) is a high quality Chrome / Constantan "E" type. A more expensive material than the more commonly found "J" type, the "E" type probe produces much greater accuracy at lower temps. (less than 600°F). Extension wire is the same material as the thermocouple to preserve the accuracy and temp. compensation qualities. NOTE: 15 extension leads may be shortened up to 7 ft. EGT probes are high quality Chrome/Alumel K types. Choose the weld-on boss type (center) for new engine installations. Choose the clamp-on type (right) to replace the existing probe. Order gauges, Micro-1000 probes, and extensions separately.

Note: These are "K" type grounded probes, not for use on digital gauges. For use with Micro-1000 gauges.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I am so grateful to you for carrying Cylinder Head Temperature gauges that are compensated for ambient temperature. Even the serious Hot Rod community ignores this subtlety. And your pricing is good too. Good job - and thanks! Van Baehr

Van B
May 7, 2019


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Q: What is the length of the longest lead on the CP130 CHT Probe 14mm? Part # 10-00823

The length of the longest lead on this probe is approximately 13 inches.

Q: Are these Micro 1000 probes for certificated aircraft?

No, these probes are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Will the Micro-1000 probes work with Alcor indicators?

Alcor recommends using Alcor probes with the Alcor instrument line.

Q: What is the lead length of the EP130R EGT Probe (Rotax Factory) 10-01475?

Lead length approx 18 inches.

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