Part# 40-97A
MFR Model# 40-97A


MODEL NO. 40-97A wheel with brake disc and 1-1/2" dia. bearings fits Cessna 172, 175, 182

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I havent installed these wheels as of yet but expect them to function as the originals. They are a complete assembly that is greased up and ready to go. Beautiful

Frank J
April 11, 2020

Received quickly even though spruce was out at the time they got it shipped out quick to help my client

Christopher A
July 1, 2017

fit&worked perfect

March 24, 2017


Q: Is this wheel assembly intended for use with brake assembly 30-96?

No, wheel assembly 40-97A is intended for use with the following brake assemblies: 30-63A, 30-63, 30-56A, 30-56. Brake assembly 30-96 is used with wheel assembly 40-131 per the Cleveland parts catalog.

Q: Does wheel assembly 40-97A attach with a U type fork or C type fork?

This is a main wheel assembly and is attached to the main landing gear leg with a straight axle. It sounds like you are looking for a nose wheel. Please contact our sales staff by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the upper right portion of the web page. Our sales agent will need to know the aircraft year, make, and complete model number to identify.

Q: This wheel assy. 40-97A, is also used on the Cessna 175, not just the 172 and 182.

Thank you for the information. We will post for customer reference.

Q: Does 40-97A come fully assembled? Is this also the correct wheel for a 1967 C150 G?

It is sold as a complete wheel and per the application guide it is correct for that aircraft.

Q: Does Assembly 40-97A come with the break disk 164-02601, Cup-bearing, bearings, grease seals, snap rings, ect.? If not, what all is included with this assembly?

Yes everything is included. Discs, bearings, seals, etc etc.

Q: Part number for item #8 which is a nut?

#8 is AN365-524A

Q: What are the part numbers for items #10 & #13?

#10 would be 153-01500 and #13 would be 154-01300.

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