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Overhauled Alternator Drive Couplings

From $699.00 to $699.00
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Part No. 646655R
IO-520, TSI0-520, I0-550, GTSI0-520
Part No. 635796R
C-75, C-85, C-90, C-115, C-125, C-145, E-165, E-185, E-225, O-200, O-300, GO-300, GIO-300, IO-240, IO-360, TS10-360, & LTS10-360
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Overhauled alternator drive couplings for the gear driven TCM alternators.

Additional core charge added to purchase at time of checkout


Living in VA, I received it in one day from Aero Performance (warehouse) in Pennsylvania. Good quality, worked fine but the core charge too large, $300.

Blane J
May 20, 2021

The drive coupling is supposed to be checked every 500 hours per service bulletin, but Im sure most people dont. Mine started slipping, then gave up all together. You could turn the old coupling by hand, the service bulletin tells you how to check it.. I havent received my core credit yet, they must really want them back since its $300.00.

May 11, 2019

Im waiting for the address when send the core.

Aero H
March 18, 2021

The drive coupling I received would not pass the torque check. It started slipping at 116 in lbs vs 180. I had to return it and get one from a different vendor in Montrose CO. This isnt the first time Ive had problems with something from Quality Aircraft Accessories.

Mavin J
October 26, 2022


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Q: These overhauled alternator drive couplings do come with 8130s, correct?

Yes, these come with an 8130.

Q: What is the part number for the Thrust washer for the coupling?

It is part number 630691.

Q: Is the thrust washer included?

No, it is part number 630691.

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