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Part# 11-07769
MFR Model# TK-28 CLEAR


Note: This strobe is clear. In order to make it red or green, you will need to purchase the red or green replacement lens separately. Please see "Accessories" to purchase the replacement lenses.

Measuring only 4" high by 2 3/4" diameter, the BrightStar strobe weighs less than 5 ounces! Special dual xenon flashtube arrangement provides ultra-bright flash visible for over 3000' in daylight, much more at dusk and dawn. No separate power pack is required, all electronics are fully contained in the strobe itself. Special radial fresnel lens is clear Each strobe draws less than 300ma. Mounting bracket included. Buy two for wing-tip installation.
Must be run from 12 volt battery.


  • Operates on 12VDC (12' lead is hardwired to unit)
  • Completely self-contained
  • Water-resistant
  • Ultra-compact
  • Meets FAR 103
  • Bright 8 joule flash
  • 40 flashes/minute


  • Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Case size 4" h x 2-3/4" d
  • Operates on 12vdc (12" lead is hardwired to unit)
  • 10-15 vdc (13.6 opt)
  • 300-500 ma current
  • Rate: 40 flashes per minute (fpr)
  • Input flashlamp energy: 8 joules
  • Avg. Power: 7 watts
  • Effective candelas: 400
  • Visibility: 3000ft (day) ; 3 miles (night)
  • Lens: modified fresnel
  • Lamp: dual xenon flashtubes


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I replaced my aged FS 4400 with this nice inexpensive easily installed unit. It works beautifully and is extremely bright.

Robert H
May 17, 2014

It is possible to short the bulb out so it stops working?

Brad J
July 13, 2020

Had to replace the fist one that I had like this because it burnt out. Delivery was speedy considering the Post Office was holding rotating strike job action. We will see how this one lasts when I hook it up in the spring.

Dave G
November 27, 2018

For the price, okay. Not the highest quality, but I am sure it will give me years of use on our Ragwing. Nice and bright and I replaced the lens with the red one for very little money

Williams C
July 22, 2018

Working well will have to see how it work in rain and if it takes in moisture and develop condensation like my old unit. It is not as bright as my old unit but it takes very little power compare to the 30 years old tech that I bought from Aircraft & Spruce also. I hope it does not cause interference with my radio, my old unit was a problem trigering the squelch on few portable that I try in my homebuilt.

Sylvain A
June 9, 2018

Not as bright as I expected, may be mid summer is a bad time to check brightness. Works well other wise.

Lloyd D
March 17, 2019


Q: If I install a red lens, can this strobe be used as a rotating beacon on an experimental aircraft? I need a small diameter beacon to place on top of the vertical stabilizer. Thank you

Per the supplier: No, this is a flashing beacon. It does not have the mechanism to rotate the light source.

Q: What are dimensions of the box that this Skysports strobe lamp is packaged in?

This product is packaged in a 4-1/4 inch square box.

Q: Is this an LED? How hot does it get?

11-07769 uses Xenon flash tubes rather than LEDs. Since during operation it is not constantly on, it does not get hot at all.

Q: Does this meet FAR requirements for an anti collision beacon? I intend to install it on a experimental aircraft

Meets FAR 103 for Ultralight aircraft, Day VFR flying.

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