Gs-46 Lithium Battery Pack

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Part# 11-05926
MFR Model# GS-46


The GS-46 battery pack uses lithium manganese dioxide chemistry to provide the 5 watts of power mandated for 406 ELTs. It has a replacement life of 5 years. The individual battery cells are encapsulated in a wide temperature range silicone potting material. Our process ensures structural integrity, waterproofness, and protects the cells from environmental hazards.

The GS-46 battery pack can be easily installed in the field by opening the cover of the ELT, removing the old battery and connecting the new battery. Because of the lithium content these batteries are shipped as HAZMAT and must be discarded as HAZMAT.

These battery packs are approved under TSO-C126 and TSO-142.


  • System: Non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • Size: 2.53"H x 1.42"W x 4.14" L
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs.
  • Voltage: 9.8 VDC, Red lead positive
  • Total Lithium Content: 10.2 grams



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Q: Does the GS-46 battery come with a 8130?

If requested, this can come with a certificate of conformance. If you need an export 8130, please state this at time of purchase and one can be included for a $50 fee.

Q: Is the GS-46 Battery for the ELT Mod. EBC 406AP?

Yes that is the correct battery.

Q: is there MSDS of this GS-46 battery?

Yes, we have added it to the web page for download and review. Please look in the documents section for Safety Data Sheet.

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