Part# 05-12947
MFR Model# FQT-KT-6
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FQT-KT-6FUEL QUANTITY TRANSMITTER KIT FQT-KT-61 each Transmitter (MC0726110-1), 1 each Gasket (MCS1588-1), 25 each Screw Machine 10-32 x 0.625 (MS35207-264)05-12947


Direct replacement for early style Stewart Warner Fuel Quantity Transmitter. Compatible with original fuel quantity gauges and wiring. Viton gaskets and screw/seal assemblies also available. Transmitter, gaskets, and screw/seal assemblies may be purchased separately or in an kit.

These fuel quantity transmitters are direct replacements for the fuel quantity transmitter installed by Cessna when the aircraft was new. This saves hundreds of dollars in labor and kits and eliminates replacement of fuel quantity gauges and wiring when not required. These fuel quantity transmitters are engineered to be compatible with the original fuel quantity gauge and wiring which uses time proven technology for reliability. Each fuel quantity transmitter is manufactured using the new Stewart Warner thick film ceramic resistor technology. The resistor is made by coating a ceramic base with a semi-conductor, and then laser trimming it to a consistent resistance value. The benefits are longer life and increased accuracy. All components are thoroughly tested, ensuring your satisfaction with our product.

Also in these kits are fuel quantity transmitter gaskets are made from Dupont Viton. Viton is the premier elastomer of the aerospace industry, offering flexibility and fuel resistance at all temperature extremes. Viton gaskets will not dry out or shrink like cork gaskets and do not harden with age like gaskets made from other elastomers.

Screw-Seal assemblies have been engineered to eliminate chronic problems associated with fuel quantity transmitter hardware. Hex drive head screws made from stainless steel eliminate the corrosion process. The hex drive promotes ease of installation and eliminates the necessity for destructive down pressure during transmitter screw removal and installation. The stainless steel Viton seal used on the hex drive screw provides a modern solution to leak prevention not available with the originally installed cork or rubber washer.

Do not replace the Rochester fuel quantity transmitter with the Stewart Warner transmitters, as the electrical function is not compatible. Stewart Warner transmitters must be used to replace Stewart Warner transmitters only. Replacing the Rochester transmitter with the Stewart Warner transmitter will result in erroneous fuel quantity indications. Some Cessna aircraft have been modified with a Cessna Service Kit to use the Rochester fuel quantity indicating system. This modification required changing the fuel quantity gauge, transmitter, and other electrical components. Do not use these (Stewart Warner) transmitters as a replacement for these aircraft.
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Special Notes

  • ASS1588-1: outboard (thicker)

  • ASS1588-2: inboard (thinner)


Exact replacement. Pop the old one out and put new one in.

Jeff V
October 13, 2017

The fuel transmitter and the gasket fit without a problem. The screws supplied had the wrong threads (too fine) and were not compatible with the fuel tanks on my Cherokee-Six. McFarlane insisted they were correct. Even though the screws are packed and sold separately, because they were purchased as part of a bundle with the gasket and transmitter, Aircraft Spruce would not take them in return. I sent them a photo of the old and new hardware side by side, but they were not impressed. Eventually, after haggling with them for weeks, they credited me for the unusable hardware. These screws sell for over $5 each so there was over $50 in question for the 10 screws (two transmitter kits). You may wish to purchase the parts separately, so if your hardware is not a match, it should be easier to return.

Joshua M
February 27, 2019


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Q: Do these Cessna / Piper Fuel Quantity Transmitter kits include FAA certification paperwork?

Yes, these will include FAA approval paperwork with the product.

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