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Part# 12-02449
MFR Model# EK5EM


The Engine Test Kit EK5EM has all of the test equipment needed to check engine compression, synchronize magnetos, time aircraft engines, and test ignition leads all in one tool box.

The kit contains: the 2EM Differential Pressure Tester with master Orifice, LED52 Electronic Magneto Synchronizer, Eastern E25 Aircraft Timing Indicator, Eastern E5 High Voltage Cable Tester, the Compression Tester Extension & Hip Roof Tool Box.

As a new addition to the Kit, the Compression Tester Extension may be just what you need if you sometimes have trouble getting to the spark plug port for compression testing due to distance or obstructions.

Its a replacement 18mm aviation plug adapter with an 8-1/2 reach to work around manifolds, baffling, harnesses, support structures, and anything else that gets in your way. The T-handle lets you screw and unscrew the extender into the port without a wrench. And finally, the quick connect coupler and the O-ring seal to protect the spark plug port makes it a snap to hookup and disconnect your tester.
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The pressure tester comes in a smaller, separate plastic case that will accommodate the spark plug extension. The other tools will fit in the larger plastic tool box provided, but as noted on previous review the box is not great. However the tools are good quality and buying them all at once offers a better value than buying them individually.

June 2, 2018

Happy with the quality of tools. Has everything you need to perform compression and magneto checks. I gave 4 stars because the box it came with doesnt secure items, its just any old tool box.

Michael K
January 26, 2018


Q: We need a test kit for Rotax motors. Will this kit work? Does the kit include the spark plug adapters for Rotax?

Per our tech: This kit will not work for Rotax motors. Rotax motors do not have magnetos or require timing checks. You'll want to use part number 12-00693 for the leakdown test, this is designed for the Rotax motor and has the 12mm adapter.

Q: Will this test kit work on engines with a greater than 5" Bore, such as a Lycoming 0-540?

Per Vendor: Yes this will work on bores up to 5.25thousanths and I believe the Lycoming O-540 has a bore size of 5.125.

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