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Part# 11-18603


This antenna kit attaches to the inside of the windshield and dramatically improves portable nav/coms transmit, receive, and VOR performance based on extensive field testing. It is portable and ideal for those who cant use an ANT-SB. Simply attaches ones own flexible antenna to inside of windshield with BNC, coax, suction cup adapter.

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worked great - replaced the suction cup with adel clamp to tube in the windshield - greatly improved reception in my T-craft

Steve C
December 26, 2020

This cable does just what you think it should, it lets you move your antennae away from your handheld. I put my antennae out the door, and it stopped the squealing interference I had when I pushed the PPT on my intercom. Apparently, the ICOM handheld antennae was too close. So, putting it outside made a world of difference. The suction cup is ok, but doesnt work on a fabric plane. I cable tied the antennae to a strut.

November 22, 2019

Good service

Glenn O
November 19, 2019

Fixed my tx/rx issues by mounting my antenna away from my paramotor frame. Crystal clear communications with local GAs on my Icom A6.

Steve P
August 18, 2019

Works as advertised.

George F
March 28, 2019

Bought this to use with my old ICOM Navicom A22. Works perfect in my Rotorway Exec 162F. Use this as a second radio for getting ATIS or for a backup radio. Allows for clear reception and transmission. Would highly reccommend to anyone looking at this antenna extension.

Joseph P
February 26, 2019

For what it does, it seems to make a difference. I am still experimenting with placement, but it was easy to install, stays in place, and allows me to better use the radio as a handset, instead of having an antenna in my way.

David W
August 4, 2020


Q: How long is the cable of this Windshield Antenna Kit for Icom Handhelds? Confirm compatible with IC-A24 handheld unit.

The entire cable end to end is approximately 73". Yes, it is compatible with the IC-A24 handheld radio. It is designed to work with all models of Icom handheld radios.

Q: Can I use this with my Yaesa 550 handheld radio I recently purchased from you? What other parts would I need?

This item is for the Icom line of handheld radios. Please see part number 11-10079 for the Yaesu equivalent.

Q: If I understand correctly, it is only to lengthen the antenna? will it increase the power, increase the range of the antenna. how else to increase the distance for my icom a6 radio.

Yes, this is to allow the antenna to have a clear view of the sky. It does not increase the power or range but should result in better reception.

Q: will this work with my sportys 400sp?

As long as the radio has the standard coax connection for the antenna this will work.

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