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The body of the maplight is constructed of aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodize treated for protection from corrosion. The LED bulbs and internal components are high quality components, and are engineered to withstand 150% of their rated voltage without damage. The wire is tefzel coated mil-spec wire used in certified aircraft and the component potting material is a two part epoxy making this maplight highly vibration and shock resistant. The average bulb life of the LED used in this product in excess of 20,000 hours of use and the maplight draws only 20 milliamps of power with virtually no heat produced.
The red LED used in this maplight gives the most light available in environments where night vision must be retained. This "LED Maplight" is built to be durable, simple to operate, lightweight and compatible with dimming systems. Each "LED maplight" is tested twice during production for maximum quality and customer satisfaction. The "LED maplight" is intended for use in Experimental, Amateur-Built aircraft only.
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This is a very well made map light and looks professional

James S
July 28, 2018


Q: Do these LED maplights turn in various directions when mounted?

They can pivot one direction. So depending on how you mount it, they can move up and down or side to side. It does NOT swivel in all directions.

Q: What size hole do you drill to mount and what are the size and draw information?

This would mount in a .465 inch diameter hole and the total installed height when extended is 2.125 inches. The Maplight is comprised of 4 LED bulbs. 12 volt model - Maximum 15 volts DC @ 30 milliamps 24 volt model - Maximum 30 volts DC @ 30 milliamps

Q: What size fuse should be installed inline to a 12v battery?

Per the supplier: You can use up to 5 amp fuse.

Q: Will a potentiometer work as a dimmer, and if so, what Ohm rating?

Yes, a potentiometer will work as a dimmer, the manufacturer does not have ohm data. The light draws only 30 milliamps so a low ohm potentiometer would be best.

Q: How long are the leads?

20 inches.

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