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Matco 8" pneumatic wide tailwheel assy. Overall length of 11.20". Max fully splayed arms is 9.29" and overall height is 11.7", weight 7 lbs.
Matco 8" pneumatic wide tailwheel assy. Overall length of 12.51". Max fully splayed arms is 9.29" and overall height is 15.7", weight 8 lbs.
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T8 Tailwheel

MATCO mfg produces an superior eight inch tail wheel for use with tail dragger aircraft which require a heavier duty tail wheel--the T-8.

The T-8 tail wheel incorporates a geometric release mechanism that allows the wheel to caster after reaching a steered angle of 40 degrees (earlier release available with optional steering arms WHLT-03A). The WHLTW40EE wheel used on the WHLT-8 has a .625 precision sealed ball bearing which is rigorously tested and designed to resist bearing fatigue providing a long bearing life. The arms and wings of the tail wheel fork assembly are composed of 4130 which is heat treated to a Rockwell 38-43 to ensure strength and are irridited to prevent corrosion. The tail wheel base and forks are cast and then black anodized to prevent corrosion as well. The wheel halves are die cast aluminum for light weight and superior strength. The T-8 features split rims for ease of mounting and dismounting its 2.80/2.50-4 tire and tube assembly.

The tail wheel assembly is both steerable and full swiveling and provides easy installation with variant spring tension. This wheel has been designed to release with light spring tension and can accommodate either a 1.25 or 1.50 inch wide spring (Use part number WHLTWB-1 adapter for 1.75 inch wide springs). When a 1.50 inch spring is used, a .25 inch spacer should be used between the base and the spring. The assembly should be mounted on the flat spring so that the pivoting axle is as close to vertical as possible when the plane is loaded. All assembly bushings are made of oil impregnated brass so no lubrication is needed during the life of the tail wheel. In addition, the shaft has been redesigned to .625 for added strength and durability.

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How the Geometric Release Works
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Very nice tail wheel, put it on a kitfox 3.

Garland E
September 15, 2020

Your company handles goods purchased by customers, Instant processing power, Accurate, fast and very satisfied.

Jun Q
May 23, 2020

Works great. Thanks

Douglas R
August 25, 2019


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Q: Is the tail wheel assembly ready to install or do I need to add other accessories?

Per the manufacturer, nothing else will be needed if the installed tail spring is 1-1/4 inch or 1-1/2 inch.

Q: Part # 06-01260: does this have the smooth wide tire on it?

Yes, this has the smooth wide tire.

Q: In the description you list part number WHLTWB-1 as an adapter for 1.75 wide springs, but why dont you sell this part? I cannot find it anywhere on your site.

We would have to special order in from Matco. Please contact our sales department for current price and lead time.

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