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069-00400CLEVELAND ANCHOR BOLT 069-00400Figure No. 8


Detailed image diagram and parts list for 30-55 brake assembly.
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Skyking A Verified Purchase


July 26, 2022

Great timely service and great product

Jace C Verified Purchase


March 17, 2022

Perfect fit. Got rid of most the brake rattle.

S&s A Verified Purchase


July 24, 2021

Not a bad price for brand new Cleveland parts.

February 1, 2021

Good product. Well made. Protective packaging. Installed easily.

Paul S
January 23, 2021

Bought calipers and anchor bolts, already had orings and pads. Old calipers had mysteriously cracked believed to be due to over tightening bleeder valve on a previous repair. But no ones owning up to it. Anchor bolts are press fit so purchased just to be sure install went smooth. Took like 30 minutes to install and hour cleaning everything. Everything fit perfectly test flight today.

Joe I
January 12, 2021

The wheel cylinder castings were cracked at the brake line fitting on my 1968 Cessna 150. I looked into replacing just the cylinder casting, but it was not significantly less costly to buy verses buying the entire brake assembly. The Cleveland 30-63A brake assembly comes with everything I needed to renew the brakes on my airplane. It is a good value verses buying the individual parts, and is an exact replacement for my existing wheel brakes.

Gary S
October 24, 2020

Arrived early in excellent condition and fit perfectly and operated as advertised. Thanks again for another job well done.

Ron P
October 23, 2020

Perfect fit. Transferred the fittings and solved my bleeding issue.

October 19, 2020

in stock and received when needed

Flying D
December 15, 2019


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Q: What is included in the complete brake assembly with the 30-63A?

The 30-63A brake assembly will come with everything pictured already assembled and ready for install. They are priced and sold individually.

Q: Do the 66-105 linings come with rivets?

Yes, part number 66-105 will come with rivets.

Q: What is the difference between the 30-63A and 30-63B Cleveland brake cylinder. My 68 cardinal has 30-63B clearly on the sticker on it.

Per the manufacturer: The only difference between the 2 brake assemblies: The 30-63A used on the Cessna 150s, 172s some, 182G - 182N, and others. The 30-63B: No usage listed on this assembly.

Q: Is Part 064-00500 only for 30-9 or does it works also with the brake 30-164?

The 064-00500 is a back plate used on several Cleveland brake assemblies, including 30-9 and 30-164.

Q: Is lining 066-10600 one piece or a set of two?

These are priced and sold individually.

Q: Please identify the rivets, item number 6 and in the figure. Also, please identify the specifications and alternatives to these rivets. Also, the alternatives to the pads, item no.5.

The pads are 66-105. The alternatives to the Cleveland pads are Rapco and APS. The Rapco pads are RA66-105 and the APS pads are APS66-105 (Part# 07-20204). The rivets are Cleveland # 105-00200 and can be purchased under part # 05-11599, 06-00351 or 07-20100 (100 pack).

Q: Does the P/N 66-105 linings come with rivets? Or do you have to order separately?

Yes, the 66-105 linings will include the rivets. If you would like to order the pads only, use part # 66-105-1.

Q: Are the 30-9 parts interchangeable with the 30-181A parts?

Not all of the parts, there are some differences. Cylinder assy, bolts and washers are different.

Q: I need o-orings for cleveland brake assembly 30-59A. You are showing it as part #3 but no line item in the breakdown list??

You would use AN6230B-2.

Q: What hydraulic fluid is used with these 30-63A brakes?

You, would use 5606 with these brakes.

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